Mac Miller the Superstar Rapper passes away due to drug overdose

Mac Miller the Superstar Rapper passes away due to drug overdose

Mac Miller, the superstar rapper died at his Studio City apartment in California, United States. Born Malcolm James McCormick, he was just 26 years of age. His assistant discovered his benumbed body several hours later. He spoke to Miller just a few hours before the incident apparently had a normal conversation with him the previous evening, he was quoted saying. On reaching, he frantically called 911 asking them to hurry to the spot.

Mac Miller had a long history of substance abuse and alcohol. Therefore, he reportedly underwent a cardiac arrest and succumbed to the same on 7th September 2018. In a documentary made by French Montana, we can hear him talk about his substance abuse issues.

Below is the link to it.

Quoting him, “I’d rather be the corny, white rapper, than the drugged out mess who can’t even get out of his house. Overdosing is just not cool … you don’t go down in history because you overdosed… you just die.” That’s what happened to him, sadly! Had he paid heed to friend Montana’s advice to keep his habits in check, he would have been among us today.

“This is a reality check for you young rockstars”, says French Montana, saddened by the death of his ‘brother’, with whom he had collaborated for several performances.

His pop star ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grade, has broken down completely upon hearing the news. In a situation like this, Miller’s fans went down to blaming her behind his death. As a result, she has turned off commenting on her Instagram handle for a few days to save herself from the hatred.

Many people in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the rapper’s hometown mourned his death at Frick Park Blue Slide playground. This also happens to be his childhood hangout spot and he named his debut album after this. His mortal remains were released to his family for burial and a funeral.

Below are the links to some of his most eminent works.

One with French Montana.
His debut song, Frick Park Market.
This one with his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande.
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