Levitate by Rydhm Dee | YouTube Premiere with the Online Psy Maestro

Levitate by Rydhm Dee

Rydhm Dee, the star YouTube psytrance artist, is back with another mind-soothing track, Levitate by Rydhm Dee, which will be premiered on YouTube on Sunday, July 07, 2019. Levitate by Rydhm Dee is a Psychill mix. The latest music release is powered by GrooveNexus.

We are proud to associate with this YouTube sensation and Psytrance artist, Rydhm Dee, who with his mind-chilling mixes has built a 117k subscriber base fan base on YouTube with viewership in millions. Get to know the man, the inspiration behind the music. Read an exclusive chat session with Rythm Dee.

So influenced are we at GrooveNexus with the genre that we dedicated a piece of real estate on PsyTrance Festivals.

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Levitate by Rydhm Dee is a typical Psychedelic Chill-Out or Psychedelic Downtempo or Psybient track, different from his other tracks. He releases such a song piece once every year.

As the name suggests, Levitate, defined by Rydhm Dee, is a floating space, when you listen to this,” …it takes you to a floating space of peace and calmness.”

“Everyday life today, has become so monotonous and anxiety-filled that an individual needs to chill-out in real. Being a software professional, catering to the corporate world brings in much work-stress; and when I’m finally home, I listen to Psychill tracks to balance the peace within. This feeling of levitation that I feel inspires me to create a set like this once every year for my fans to levitate them out of everyday stress. The set, Levitate, is not really meant for dance. It can be used for purposes like meditation.”

Says Rydhm Dee.

This is not the first track in the Psychedelic Chill-Out genre as contributed by Dee. His other tracks Moksha, Kundalini, and Eternity Drift, have created quite the stir. As he defines these individually, Moksha, released in 2016, is for the destination called eternal happiness. Hear the track below.

Kundalini, a Progressive Psytrance mix of 2017, is a by-product of spiritual growth that takes place at higher spiritual levels. Hear the track below.

The Downtempo Mix 2018, Eternity Drift, opens the doors of perception through meditation, dance, and therapies while making human beings aware of the physical surroundings and metaphysical selves. Hear the track below.

When asked about how he managed the production of all sets parallelly, he says,

“Whenever I find the time, I work simultaneously on several music production projects. This saves me the monotony of one. It is also fun, that way, at least for me.”

We hope you enjoy the experience of Levitate by Rydhm Dee. The theme of the set is sure to levitate you to grounds of tranquillity. Rydhm Dee, with his mixes, is contributing a great deal to the sphere of Psychedelic music.

Levitate by Rydhm Dee

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