KSHMR & DVLM together go OPA!


KSHMR and DVLM, who are known to secure the top slots of the DJ Mag for the last few years, have teamed up for a new track named OPA.
Not many of you know that the track has a long-awaited release since 2 years when it was first premiered by DVLM at a massive festival (name unknown, if anyone knows please comment below), but the top players like this weraveyou’s article state it to be played recently, which is sadly untrue. Sorry weraveyou, we know the facts 😛

The track has been released on Smash The House records, owned by the bosses themselves, DVLM. The track has a mysterious magical theme and yes Indian vocal, because why not? It’s a KSHMR release.

The Indo-American origin artist is assumed to have produced the track. While the two brothers have to input their excellent ideas in the studio.

Here is the track for you people:

The DJ Mag top holders released the track just after the first weekend of Tomorrowland. This is now making ripples in the country and attracting fans across the globe.

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