K-pop idol Haesoo found dead at 29 

Haesoo Kpop

South Korean K-pop idol Haesoo was found dead in her hotel room on May 12. She was 29 years old. 

South Korean news outlet YTN reported on Monday that K-pop singer Haesoo was found dead in a hotel room. Police recovered a suicide note, but are withholding details about its contents. They have also ruled out foul play. 

Haesoo’s death has shocked the K-pop community and her fans around the world. Many have taken to social media to express their grief and condolences. 

“On May 12, Haesoo left our side and became a light in the vast ocean. Haesoo was a warm person who knew how to give love to those around her, share affection, and receive it,” her representative said in a statement, South Korean news website Soompi reported. 

“Her bereaved family, as well as her acquaintances and colleagues, are all mourning her with heavy hearts after being informed of the sudden sad news.” 

Haesoo was set to perform at Gwanjumyeon People’s Day event in Wanju Gun, Jeollabuk-do on May 20, 2023. 

South Korean media outlet Koreaboo reported that Haesoo had passed away after organizers called them to inform them that she would not be attending the scheduled event. 

Who is Haesoo? 

Haesoo was born in December 1993 and studied Korean music, majoring in traditional Korean music. No further information about her family or last agency is available online. 

In 2019, Haesoo debuted as a trot singer. She released her debut single album, My Life I Will, and quickly became a household name in South Korea. She starred in several popular TV shows, including The Trot Show, AM Plaza, and Gayo Stage. She also performed on KBS 2TV’s Immortal Song. 

K-pop industry plagued by suicides in the last six years 

The K-pop industry has been plagued by a number of suicides in recent years. In the last six years, two K-pop idols, Sulli and Jonghyun, died by suicide. Recently, Astro singer Moonbin was found unresponsive by his manager at his flat in Seoul. 

These deaths have raised concerns about the mental health of K-pop idols. The industry is known for its intense pressure and scrutiny, and many idols have spoken out about the toll it takes on their mental health. 

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