Jason Derulo Planning to Release First Album in Eight Years

Jason Derulo

Photo Credit: Jason Derulo’s Official Instagram Page @jasonderulo

Jason Derulo is set to end an eight-year wait with the release of his next album. The 33-year-old singer hasn’t released a studio album since 2015’s “Everything Is 4.”

However, since inking a new recording contract with Atlantic Records two years ago, Jason Derulo is excited to release all the new music he’s been working on.

“I’m finally with a record label I feel comfortable with. I finally see eye to eye; there’s gonna be more music than ever. I’m actually going to be releasing a song every single month,” Jason Derulo told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column.

“I’ve got some really, really exciting material as well as a really cool project which is an audio experience that has never been accomplished before,” he added.

The singer said his goals are now to fulfil the dreams of his son, Jason King.

“The person that motivates me most is my son Jason King. It’s crazy how life can shift, and all the energy and all the goals are now to help his goals come true,” he said.

When asked what advice he would provide to someone looking to enter the industry, Jason cautioned that pursuing a career in music is complex.

“Don’t do it. Nah, you’ve gotta put your heart and soul into it. It’s like anything else, there are a lot of people chasing that top spot, so your work ethic has got to be the difference. You have to want it more than anybody else. You have to live, eat, breathe, and sleep your craft, and hopefully, if you choose something you love, it’s not hard to do it all the time,” he said.

He also discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic caused him to rethink his working methods.

“It’s been a lot of fun, honestly. I can’t see myself going on the road again as intensely as I used to. Of course, I want to get back out there and tour, but I used to do so much, so I’ll really keep an eye on my time at home, too,” Jason said.

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