J-Hope surprises fans with new buzz cut ahead of military enlistment

J Hope BTS

J-Hope is all geared up for his military enlistment in South Korea. The BTS rapper surprised fans with a new buzz cut ahead of his 18-month mandatory military service. 

While J-Hope and Big Hit have remained tight-lipped over the enlistment date, fans were taken aback when Jin appeared on Weverse and posted a comical message that seemed to disclose J-Hope’s enlistment date. In response to Jung Hoseok’s post for Jimin, Jin wrote, “kekekekekeke D-1,” accompanied by a heart emoji. 

BTS member Jungkook has also returned to Seoul to bid his bandmate farewell. Fans are excited about Jungkook’s return to Seoul, as they have been waiting for updates on the group and his solo career. 

Jungkook recorded some new music and enjoyed his time at Coachella 2023, leaving the ARMY eager to see what he has been working on during his time away. 

The previous gathering of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook occurred when they bid farewell to Jin, who enlisted for military service in December 2022. Fans got to see not only a photo but also a video. 

On Saturday, J-Hope had his final live session to communicate with his fans about his conversation with Jin. 

“Recently, Jin Hyung called me; he was like, ‘How are you feeling?’ So I was like, ‘What do you think I feel like? What does it seem like I feel?’ I also wondered what I should pack and take, so I asked him about stuff like this. What kind of bag should I take, etc.” 

He also told fans, “Please don’t be too upset since I’m doing my duty as the healthy youth. So I wanted to tell you guys not to worry, and I’ll go and come back well. ‘Please eat well.’ Yes, of course, as I told you guys, don’t worry, I’ve been eating well.” 

The rapper also read a comment during the live session: “October 17, 2024—Hobi’s discharge date. I’ll be waiting for this day only.” He smiled and said, “October 17, right? I’ll be back safely.” 

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