Humanmosaic B.F.A remix released on October 29, 2019. An original of DVLM vs Paris Hilton, this track has already garnered attention worldwide.

Underground house is probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you say the name Hilton and stripped back. Yet husband and wife duo Tessa and Barron Hilton reveal their new music project HUMANMOSIAC by completely flipping the script on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Paris Hilton single ‘B.F.A.’ 


What was a tongue-in-cheek, bold slice of big room E.D.M. is stripped down to its bare fundamentals? Then, built back up into a tough, driving house cut, one that sounds nothing like the original. Rumbling, relentless bass elements and lithe synth lines push through occasional smatterings of popping melodic bursts and filtered vocals. This takes the track from the heights of the main stage throwing it onto the dirt of the dance floor. Although not an official remix, the edit is more than timely.


Husband and wife Barron and Tessa met at a club scene in the U.S. in 2016. With an instant connection over music, the pair hit Chicago’s Primary and Smartbar, The Works in the birthplace of Techno, Detroit, Sound in Los Angeles, and T.B.A. Brooklyn in New York. As their obsession with music grew, HUMANMOSAIC gradually began to rise behind closed doors.

Barron’s natural inclination towards epic film scores combined with Tessa’s natural ability to weave emotive audio narratives through music selection blendes ambient and experimental tones.

Their sets together lift beyond the primal, chugging beats of progressive tech-house towards a more ethereal, dreamlike realm. It’s an ability that has already caught the ears of the New York party elite. They have private shows for the likes of Vanity Fair. Now after three years, together honing their crafts, the duo is ready to go public with HUMANMOSAIC.

History of Tessa and Barron


Is half German. Traveled back and forth to Germany throughout her childhood and picked up the DJing bug during her early teens. She spent a year in the darkened halls of Berlin’s Berghain, Kraftwerk, and Sisyphos. Tessa alludes to influences like Ben Klock, Aphex Twin, Lazre Hoche, Juan Atkins, Nina Kraviz, Magda, Bicep, and Octo Octa.


A film school graduate who has always had a natural appreciation for the interdependence between screen and score. He brings a more ambient and cinematic element to the HUMANMOSAIC project.

Their first track, a stunning remake of Barron’s sister Paris’s mainstream smash with Belgian’s DVLM, ‘B.F.A.’ is far removed from the original. As you could get an intuitive understanding of what works on the dirtier end of the dance music spectrum.

With Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike arresting the DJ Mag Top 100 Award at last week’s Top 100 DJs awards ceremony in Amsterdam, the Belgians are yet again at the top of the E.D.M. tree. HUMANMOSAIC signal their intent to start climbing some electronic branches of their own with this free-to-download little gem.

With the original music set to drop over the coming months and shows booking up across Europe, 2020 will see HUMANMOSIAC begin their journey into electronica’s consciousness.


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