Henry Fong’s quintessential festival rinser “Louder” – A perfect mid-summer raucous revelry


World-famous DJ/producer Henry Fong and Group Chat label boss and Los Angeles-based artist JSTJR make their highly awaited return to the release radar for their latest collaborative offering ‘Louder’ alongside multifaceted triumvirate Ultimate Rejects.  

The latest single is yet to come from Fong marks his fourth original production this year. Followed by ‘Ragga Rave’.  A track with SAYMYNAME from the tail end of this May to ‘Bust It’ with FOMO, released earlier this month.  

The soca-infused offering also has an enticing bass house flair just like anything that is heard before. In turn effortlessly highlighting the best qualities of genre that equally showcase both Fong and JSTJR’s production and Ultimate Rejects’ solid sonic artistry.  

“Louder’ marks JSTJR and Ultimate Rejects’ first sonic offering for the year 2021. That serves as a direct follow-up to JSTJR and Fong’s 2020 hit ‘Arriba’ and his single ‘Que Lo Siento’ with Schade from April of last year. Out now on JSTJR’s Group Chat, ‘Louder’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms by imprint Insomniac Music Group.  

This high-octane and propelling tune certainly kicks off with a commanding vocal cut paired alongside warbly soundscapes and rolling basslines.  

Boasting an appropriately apt name, ‘Louder’, prominently features speaker-rattling production elements with a larger-than-life ambiance from beginning to finish.   

In a nutshell, the sprightly endeavour is audibly characterized by its signature hard-hitting tune and serves as a quintessential and anthematic festival rinser for mid-summer raucous revelry.  

“So stoked to put this single out with my friend JSTJR, we always have fun making music together. Also was fun working with Ultimate Rejects, extremely talented artists from Trinidad!” – says Henry Fong.  

Further adding to their new release JSTJR says-  

“Working with Henry Fong is always one of the best experiences. He came to me with this dope collab he was working on with Ultimate Rejects and I was able to put my own spin on it and add that moombah vibe. I was so impressed by the music and lyrics by the Ultimate Rejects- especially the break section halfway through the song. The vibes are just perfect.” 

Listen to the full album on Spotify:  

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