Haru Nemuri Talks New Single ‘Deconstruction’, Punk Philosophy & More

Haru Nemuri Talks New Single ‘Deconstruction’, Punk Philosophy & More

Haru Nemuri recently dropped a new single called “Deconstruction,” the latest in her string of songs this year following “Bang,” Inori Dake Ga Aru” , “Seventh Heaven” and “Old Fashioned.” 

Haruna Kimishima, known by her stage name Haru Nemuri , is a Japanese singer, songwriter, and “poetry rapper”. Her musical style mixes influence from J-pop, rap, hard rock and electronica. She is currently based in Tokyo.  

‘Deconstruction’, the new song was co-produced by MyRiot, the production duo who have collaborated with such global acts as Aurora and London Grammar. “Deconstruction” leaves a strong impression, with the track’s solid beat and screaming vocals combined with biting lyrics that quote the phrase “project mayhem” from the movie Fight Club. 

In an interview, the songwriter said about the inspiration of the song that, “Deconstruction is a way of thinking that says, “We should destroy that structure,” as a way of overturning the dichotomous way of thinking that had been prevalent in Western philosophy up to that point.” 

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