“It’s because he’s on holiday; he fancied a change,” says Anne on Harry Style’s New Hair Cut.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles surprised everyone with a fresh haircut, leaving some fans thrilled and others in tears. The big question on everyone’s mind was, “Why the change?” Well, Harry’s mom, Anne Twist, spilled the beans during a chance encounter with a fan at Ikea.

Maddie, a TikTok user, approached Anne in the furniture store and bravely asked, “Has Harry shaved his head?” According to Maddie, Anne confirmed with a simple “Yes.” The fan’s dad then popped the golden question, “Is it for a film or just for a change?” Anne reportedly answered, “It’s because he’s on holiday; he fancied a change.”

Speculation about Harry’s new look started when pictures of him at a U2 concert in Las Vegas surfaced. A clip posted by TMZ captured him and his girlfriend, Taylor Russell, embracing, revealing his transformed appearance.

Now we know – Harry decided to switch up his iconic locks while enjoying some time off. Fans had mixed reactions, with some expressing dramatic distress while others reminded everyone that Harry Styles will always look gorgeous, no matter the hairstyle.

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