Oscar-nominated filmmaker Sophia Nahli Allison makes startling allegations against ‘arrogant, self-centred’ Lizzo 


Oscar-nominated filmmaker Sophia Nahli Allison has come forward with startling allegations against pop star Lizzo, claiming she experienced “disrespect” and a “toxic” work environment during her brief collaboration with the singer. Allison, an Oscar nominee for her acclaimed documentary short “A Love Song for Latasha,” made the revelations on social media. 

The filmmaker’s account emerged shortly after news broke that three of Lizzo’s former dancers had filed a lawsuit against the singer, accusing her of sexual harassment and fostering a hostile work environment during incidents that allegedly occurred between 2021 and 2023. However, Allison stated that her personal encounter with Lizzo occurred in 2019 when she traveled with the pop star to direct her documentary. 

In her candid post, Allison disclosed that she left the project after only about two weeks due to Lizzo’s “disrespectful” behavior. “I witnessed how arrogant, self-centered, and unkind she is,” wrote Allison, expressing her sense of being unprotected and unsupported in what she described as a “shitty situation.” She credited her intuition for leading her to leave and reflected on feeling “gaslit” and deeply hurt. 

Reading the recent claims by Lizzo’s former dancers further shed light on the seriousness of the situation for Allison. She stated, “This kind of abuse of power happens far too often.” 

“To be clear. Since I’ve spoken out, I’ve had others privately share their very similar experiences, and I have also been affirmed by people who witnessed what I went through,” Sophia wrote. 

“Lizzo creates an extremely toxic and hostile working environment and undermines the work, labour, and authority of other black and brown women in the process. (Notice how the documentary ended up being directed by a cis white man.)” 

Lizzo, a ‘narcissistic bully’ 

After sharing her experience, Allison received responses from others with similar accounts and affirmation from those who witnessed her ordeal. She was resolute in her stance, denouncing Lizzo as a “narcissistic bully” who has built her brand off lies. “These working conditions are not ok,” she asserted, expressing solidarity with the dancers and anyone else who endured similar experiences. 

“I stand with dancers and anyone who has had similar work experiences working with her and her team. These working conditions are not ok,” she wrote. 

In a related development, speculations arose when some suggested that Beyoncé may have intentionally omitted Lizzo during her Foxborough, Massachusetts concert on Tuesday night. Lizzo, among other prominent Black female musicians, is mentioned in Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul (Queens Remix).” But footage from the concert showed Beyoncé skipping Lizzo’s name and repeatedly mentioning Erykah Badu’s instead. However, Lizzo’s name still appeared on a screen behind Beyoncé. 

As the allegations continue to unfold, Lizzo’s team has yet to respond to the recent claims made by filmmaker Sophia Nahli Allison. 

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