Farah Khan’s Hilarious Encounter with Ed Sheeran at Bollywood Party

Ed Sheeran

Farah Khan recently shared a funny story about the time when she hosted a Bollywood party for the famous singer Ed Sheeran. In a podcast conversation with Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa, Farah admitted that she had no clue who Ed Sheeran was initially and had to ask Abhishek Bachchan for information.

It all started when Farah’s cousin, who works at a music company, asked her to show Ed Sheeran around Mumbai during his visit to India for concerts. However, Farah didn’t recognize Ed’s name and assumed he was just a friend of her cousin. Ignoring the request, she didn’t pay much attention until her aunt also inquired about it. Perplexed, Farah finally approached Abhishek Bachchan and asked, “Who is Ed Sheeran?” Abhishek informed her that he’s the number one singer in the world.

During the party, Farah unknowingly criticized Ed’s music, thinking it was “funeral music.” She later discovered her mistake when the DJ revealed that it was actually Ed Sheeran’s music playing. Despite the mix-up, Ed had a great time at the party and expressed his preference for Bollywood music over his own. He left early at 2 am due to a concert the next day but generously sent Farah 20 front-row VIP passes, though she decided not to attend the show.

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