Emiway Bantai vs KRSNA Machayenge 4 Rap Battle Turns Ugly

Emiway Bantai vs KRSNA Machayenge 4 Rap Battle Turns Ugly

The ongoing beef between Indian rappers Emiway Bantai and Krsna has taken an ugly turn, with both the rappers releasing diss tracks titled ‘Machayenge 4.’ 

The rivalry dates back to 2019 when KRSNA released a track titled ‘Freeverse Feast (Langar) and dissed Emiway without taking his name. 

In response, Emiway released “Seedha Takeover” to diss KRSNA, paving the way for a rap battle between the two. KRSNA, in reply, released ‘Seedha Makeover’ the same year. 

Earlier this year, the rivalry between the duo returned, with Emiway releasing a song named ‘Chusamba,’ targetting both KRSNA and Raftaar. 

However, in response, KRSNA made a funny diss named ‘Lil Bunty.’ 

Fast forward to July 2022. On July 8, KRSNA dropped his latest diss track, Machayenge 4, which has over 9 million views on YouTube. 

Since it’s tough to keep them out of the game for a long time, Emiway released a diss track full of explicit words with the same name on July 12. 


#ShameonEmiway started trending on Twitter, with KRSNA fans going berserk on the microblogging platform. 

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