Ed Sheeran’s secret live album: ‘Autumn Variations’ recorded in fans’ living rooms 

Ed Sheeran

In a remarkable display of devotion to his fans and creative innovation, global music sensation Ed Sheeran, aged 32, recently unveiled a delightful surprise on his Instagram account. The chart-topping artist shared that he has been conducting secret live performances in the homes of his dedicated admirers, capturing live versions of songs from his upcoming album, “Autumn Variations.” 

The revelation came via Ed Sheeran’s Instagram post, where he shared his heartfelt journey of connecting with fans in their very own living spaces. These intimate encounters were a precursor to the release of his highly anticipated album, “Autumn Variations.” 

In his Instagram post, Ed Sheeran stated, “So I did some surprise pop-up gigs in fans’ houses, secretly recording a live album of Autumn Variations where each song is recorded in a different fan’s living room, but all of it was a total surprise (sic).” Accompanying this statement was a video showcasing Ed passionately singing and skillfully playing the keyboard in an emotional fan’s living room. 

A fan named @kariconaway, played a special role in this unique project. Ed Sheeran shared his experience visiting her home, recounting, “We got to @kariconaway’s house at the end of the day, and I instantly knew it would be fun. They had cats, friendship bracelets, and some fruit drinks to start, but once I’d played the Autumn song, I said take me on a tour, and when I went into her room, I saw a piano.” 

In an unexpected turn of events, the fan invited Ed Sheeran to play her keyboard, an instrument he rarely plays, except for his 2011 track “Wake Me Up.” She asked if he could perform, to which Ed Sheeran humbly responded, “Not really, but I kinda play on Wake Me Up,” before delivering a heartfelt rendition of the song. 

Ed Sheeran concluded his captivating caption by teasing fans with the prospect of the “fan living room live Autumn Variations album” and encouraging them to preorder the album, set to release on 29th September. 

“Autumn Variations” marks Ed Sheeran’s second album release of the year, following “Subtract,” which made its debut in May. With his creative surprises and dedication to his fans, Ed Sheeran remains a beloved figure in the music industry, leaving fans anticipating the forthcoming album’s release. 

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