Ed Sheeran surprises fans with new album ‘Autumn Variations’ shortly after ‘Subtract’ release 

Ed Sheeran

Renowned singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has unveiled exciting news for his fans worldwide. The 32-year-old artist is set to release a brand-new album titled “Autumn Variations” a mere four months after the launch of his sixth studio album, “Subtract.” 

The forthcoming album, consisting of 14 tracks, will bear the title “Autumn Variations” and be produced by Aaron Dessner. Scheduled for release on September 29, the album will be presented through Ed Sheeran’s record label, Gingerbread Man Records. This announcement comes just one week after the conclusion of the U.S. leg of his Mathematics World Tour. 

Explaining the concept behind “Autumn Variations,” the chart-topping musician shared, “Last autumn, I found that my friends and I were going through so many life changes. After the heat of the summer, everything either calmed, settled, fell apart, came to a head, or imploded.” 

Ed Sheeran expressed how songwriting had served as a means to navigate through life’s complexities and emotions. 

“When I went through a difficult time at the start of last year, writing songs helped me understand my feelings and come to terms with what was going on, and when I learned about my friend’s different situations, I wrote songs, some from their perspectives, some from mine, to capture how they and I viewed the world at that time,” Ed added. “There were highs of falling in love and new friendships among lows of heartbreak, depression, loneliness and confusion.” 


The artist revealed that his inspiration for the album came from English composer Edward Elgar and his iconic orchestral work “Enigma Variations,” where each composition represents a distinct figure in Elgar’s life. This notion resonated deeply with Ed Sheeran, inspiring him to create “Autumn Variations.” 

Collaborating with Aaron Dessner, who had previously worked on “Subtract,” Ed Sheeran found a partner with whom he shared a creative synergy. “This inspired me to make this album,” he said. “When I recorded Subtract with Aaron Dessner, we clicked immediately. We wrote and recorded non-stop; this album was born from that partnership. I feel he has captured the feeling of autumn so wonderfully in his sonics, and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do.” 

The “Mathematics World Tour,” comprising 88 shows, commenced in Dublin on April 23 the previous year and is set to conclude on September 23 in Los Angeles. 

“Autumn Variations” Tracklisting: 

  1. Magical 
  1. England 
  1. Amazing 
  1. Plastic Bag 
  1. Blue 
  1. American Town 
  1. That’s On Me 
  1. Page 
  1. Midnight 
  1. Spring 
  1. Punchline 
  1. When Will I Be Alright 
  1. The Day I Was Born 
  1. Head > Heels 

As anticipation builds for Ed Sheeran’s latest musical endeavor, fans eagerly await the release of “Autumn Variations” to experience the artist’s unique take on the changing seasons of life through his signature sound. 

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