Dua Lipa embarks on musical odyssey: ‘1970s-Era Psychedelia’ inspires new sound 

Dua Lipa

Grammy-winning pop sensation Dua Lipa, renowned for her disco pop hits, is reportedly charting a new musical course inspired by “1970s-era psychedelia.” In an exclusive profile by The New York Times, the 27-year-old artist revealed her intention to reinvent her sound, transitioning from the dance-infused rhythms of her previous album “Future Nostalgia” to explore a more psychedelic direction with her upcoming work. 

The profile hinted at Dua Lipa’s collaboration with Kevin Parker, the frontman of the acclaimed Australian psychedelic band Tame Impala, suggesting his influence in shaping the sonic landscape of her forthcoming album. 

In response to speculations about this shift in style, Dua Lipa remained cryptic, coyly stating, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

The profile delved further into her creative process, acknowledging that while Dua Lipa aims to evolve her musical direction, she is mindful of not “alienating” her dedicated fanbase. While her previous hits like ‘Physical’ and ‘Hallucinate’ were anchored in house and disco beats, her new sound is hinted to be more influenced by the psychedelic sounds of the 1970s. 

A potential connection between ‘Dance The Night’ and the upcoming album? 

Music producer Mark Ronson, who previously collaborated with Dua Lipa on ‘Dance The Night’ for the ‘Barbie’ soundtrack, offered a glimpse into the forthcoming album. Ronson admired the new material, noting, “I’ve heard some of it, and it’s incredible.” He hinted at a potential connection between the music video for ‘Dance The Night’ and the upcoming album, suggesting that the video’s imagery might foreshadow Dua Lipa’s stylistic evolution. 

Fans have eagerly anticipated Dua Lipa’s third studio album, with anticipation building after her remarks about its progress last year. Initially claiming the album was “50 percent done” in March, she later revealed in December that her creative process had taken an unexpected turn. Dua Lipa acknowledged the uniqueness of the upcoming record, describing it as “different sonically” from her previous works. She tantalizingly suggested that revealing the album’s title would offer insight into its direction. 

As the music world eagerly awaits the unveiling of Dua Lipa’s latest musical venture, her artistic exploration into the realm of 1970s psychedelia promises to mark a significant chapter in her career. Stay tuned for more updates on her upcoming album release. 

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