BTS to drop highly-anticipated full-group single ‘Take Two’ in celebration of 10th anniversary 


In celebration of their 10th anniversary, the global phenomenon K-Pop group BTS has announced the upcoming release of a highly-anticipated full-group single titled “Take Two.” This momentous occasion holds great significance for the group and its devoted fanbase, known as the BTS ARMY. 

As BTS continues to dominate the music scene with their infectious melodies, captivating performances, and thought-provoking lyrics, the release of “Take Two” promises to be a moment of reflection and growth for the group. With its trademark blend of catchy hooks and heartfelt messages, BTS has consistently struck a chord with millions of fans worldwide, establishing itself as one of contemporary music’s most influential and successful acts. 

The statement on Weverse read,

“Hello. This is BIGHIT MUSIC. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, BTS will release the digital single Take Two this coming June. All seven members participated in Take Two. The song conveys their appreciation toward ARMY for all the love you shower them with and their desire to always be together with you.” 

“We sincerely express our gratitude to ARMY for making the 10th anniversary possible with your endless love for BTS, and we hope that Take Two will become a precious Gift from BTS to you all. We ask for your love and support for Take Two. Release Date: 1 PM, Friday, June 9, 2023 (KST) Thank you,” the statement added. 

Seoul, the vibrant capital of South Korea, is set to paint the town purple in honour of BTS’ 10th anniversary on June 13, 2023. To commemorate this milestone, the city’s iconic landmarks, such as the Seoul Tower, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and N Seoul Tower, will be illuminated in the group’s signature colour – purple. 

Celebrating BTS 

Throughout its illustrious career, BTS has transcended cultural and language barriers, indelibly impacting the global music industry. Its immense popularity and artistry have earned them a dedicated and passionate fanbase that awaits each new release. 

“Take Two” is a testament to BTS’ enduring creativity and dedication to their craft. The single is expected to showcase the group’s evolution as artists and further solidify their status as trailblazers within the K-pop genre. 

As the release date approaches, anticipation and excitement continue to build among fans, who eagerly anticipate the music video, choreography, and overall artistic direction BTS is renowned for. The group’s ability to consistently push boundaries and deliver memorable performances has established it as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. 

The release of “Take Two” marks a milestone in BTS’ journey, providing a moment of reflection on their extraordinary accomplishments and their impact on the music industry over the past decade. Fans and music enthusiasts eagerly await this momentous occasion, ready to celebrate the group’s 10th anniversary and embark on another musical journey with BTS. 

BTS Festa commences with a vibrant timeline of exciting events 

In an official announcement, BTS kick-started this year’s much-awaited BTS Festa. The group took to Weverse to unveil a captivating and colourful timeline presented in a board game format, outlining the lineup of events for this year’s celebrations. 

Commencing on May 31, the festivities will feature the release of new content on June 2-3 and June 7-13. Furthermore, BTS has meticulously planned captivating events on June 14, June 16, and June 17. As is their tradition, BTS aims to delight their devoted fans by showcasing new content and surprising them with unexpected treats as part of the annual celebration. 

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