BTS’s Jimin thanks Ryan Gosling for special gift of Ken’s guitar from Barbie movie

Jimin n Ryan

BTS’s Jimin expressed his gratitude towards Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling for gifting him a special guitar featured in the Barbie movie. The heartwarming exchange between the K-Pop star and the La La Land actor began when Ryan reached out to Jimin to acknowledge a fashion coincidence.

In a video shared on the official Twitter page of the Barbie movie, Ryan Gosling, who portrays Ken in the film, addressed Jimin directly. He humbly apologized for inadvertently wearing the same black and white cowboy-style shirt in the Barbie movie as Jimin did in BTS’ ‘Permission to Dance’ music video. Ryan playfully adhered to the “Ken code,” suggesting that if one Ken borrows another’s style, they should reciprocate with a cherished possession.

I have to give it to you – you wore it first. You definitely wore it best,” Ryan complimented Jimin, acknowledging the K-Pop star’s impeccable sense of style. He then offered a heartfelt gift to Jimin – “Ken’s guitar” – stating that Ken doesn’t really play, making it a more meaningful instrument in the hands of the talented musician.

Jimin is excited about watching Barbie

In response to the thoughtful gesture, Jimin posted his video on Instagram, expressing his appreciation for Ryan and Ken. Holding the gifted guitar, the BTS member conveyed his excitement for the Barbie movie’s release and praised Ryan’s work.

Hi Ryan and hi Ken, it’s Jimin,” began the singer. “Congrats on your big release. My fans are excited to see your video, so thank you so much.”

Acknowledging the fashion overlap, Jimin humorously commented that Ryan looked great in the outfit. He then expressed genuine gratitude for the guitar, emphasizing his love for the instrument and excitement about watching Barbie.

I could see that you look great in my outfit… Thank you for this guitar. I really love it, and I look forward to watching Barbie. Go, Barbie!

Fans of both BTS and Ryan Gosling are excited about the release of the Barbie movie, cherishing this heartwarming interaction between two beloved stars from different realms of entertainment. Jimin’s genuine thanks and Ryan’s generous gift have further strengthened the bond between the global icons.

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