Award Winning Producer BricksDaMane and Music Tech Startup Starmony Announce Collaboration

Award-winning and multiple platinum accredited producer BricksDaMane has produced songs for some of the hip hop industry’s most prominent names, including Drake, Lil Wayne, Migos, and Young Thug. He has partnered with app company Starmony, which automates music creation using music intelligence. With the collaboration, BricksDaMane’s productions are made available on Starmony’s app, enabling upcoming artists to record and release songs straight from their phones with the same quality as A-list artists. 

While social media platforms, such as TikTok, and developments in music distribution have contributed to a surge in independent artists reaching the top charts, the democratization of the industry is stalled by the inaccessibility and inefficiency of the music creation process. On a joint mission toward providing the next generation of music creators with the same opportunities as traditional record labels, Starmony and BricksDaMane announce their new partnership. 

“Social media has enabled any creator to gain traction. With Starmony, anyone can now become a professional recording artist. Normally, going from an idea to a final release on Spotify and Apple Music requires in-depth music production knowledge and access to record labels and studios for weeks, even months. This leaves millions of talented music creators outside the global music industry. With this collaboration, our users can release their songs with beats and productions from top producers who have worked with the biggest artists in the industry”, says Jan Nordlund, CEO & Co-founder of Starmony. 

“The Starmony app will change the music industry on every level! This is what creators like myself have been waiting for”, says BricksDaMane. 

Before the collaboration, Starmony, the ‘all-in-one mobile music studio and record label,’ had gained significant traction, having been the second most downloaded music app – after Spotify – in the App Store. Just months after the app release, users have created over 100,000 songs on the platform, and the company releases new songs daily on Spotify and Apple Music. 

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