BLACKPINK rocks the Great Oak stage at BST Hyde Park with an epic K-pop spectacle 


In a dazzling display of talent and style, BLACKPINK took the stage by storm at the American Express presents BST Hyde Park. The popular K-Pop sensation delivered a jaw-dropping performance featuring 17 of their biggest hits, accompanied by three sensational outfit changes. 

The quartet, consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, made a grand entrance in sleek white ensembles against a vibrant hot pink backdrop. Their show started with the energetic track “Pink Venom,” immediately captivating the audience. 

Connecting with their dedicated fanbase, the group treated them to a medley of K-Pop favourites, including “Kick It,” “Pretty Savage,” “How You Like That,” and “Shut Down.” Even their debut single, “Whistle,” which skyrocketed them to fame, was among the stellar setlist. Every step the girls took towards the audience, whether on the main stage or a secondary platform, was met with thunderous applause and screams of excitement. 

“London, we didn’t expect this much energy,” the members expressed with smiles. “London, what a nice breeze you have.” 

BLACKPINK members embark on solo performances 

Following a swift wardrobe change, BLACKPINK embarked on the “solo” portion of their performance, where each member took the spotlight to showcase their vocal prowess. 

Jennie mesmerized the crowd with “You & Me,” Jisoo enchanted with “Flower,” Rosé left an indelible impression with “Gone + On The Ground,” and Lisa brought the house down with “Money.” These captivating moments were beautifully complemented by meticulously choreographed routines featuring eight male dancers followed by eight female dancers. 

An hour and a half of pure K-Pop heaven later, as the show neared its end, the members emerged dressed in sleek all-black ensembles to deliver the powerful performances of “Boombayah,” “Lovesick Girls,” and “Playing With Fire.” The grand finale brought the crowd to their feet with the electrifying tracks “Tally” and “Ddu-du, Ddu-du.” 

“We are incredibly honoured to perform here at Hyde Park,” exclaimed Rosé. “It’s a dream come true!” 

Sabrina Carpenter mesmerizes the crowd 

Before BLACKPINK’s electrifying showcase, 24-year-old Sabrina Carpenter mesmerized the crowd with her own set, which featured standout tracks such as “Looking At Me,” “Bet You Wanna,” and “Paris.” Dressed in a shiny pink dress paired with thigh-high white boots, she greeted the audience, acknowledging their overwhelming presence. 

“Hey London, I’m Sabrina… There are so many of you, goddamn. I can see you all the way in the back,” she exclaimed. “Thank you so much for having us at BST. I’m a huge BLACKPINK fan, but before that, let’s get you warmed up!” 

Sabrina Carpenter even treated fans to her rendition of Abba’s classic hit “Lay All Your Love On Me,” introducing the timeless gem to a new generation of music enthusiasts. 

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