Billie Eilish collaborates with star-studded lineup for Barbie soundtrack 

Billie Eilish

Grammy-winning artist Billie Eilish has excited fans by announcing her upcoming song for the highly anticipated live-action Barbie film soundtrack. Taking to Instagram, the “Bad Guy” hitmaker revealed that her song, titled “What Was I Made For?” will be released on July 13th at 7 am PT. 

Eilish expressed her enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing the significance of creating a song for Barbie. She stated, “WWE MADE THIS SONG FOR BARBIE, AND IT MEANS THE ABSOLUTE WORRRRLLLD TO ME. THIS MOVIE IS GONNA CHANGE UR LIVES, AND HOPEFULLY, THE SONG WILL TOO. GET READY TO SOB.” 

The singer-songwriter tagged her brother, Finneas, who has co-written many of her successful tracks, indicating their collaboration on this project. 

Earlier, renowned Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter Mark Ronson, who played a pivotal role in curating the film’s soundtrack, dropped a tantalizing hint about Billie Eilish’s participation, keeping her name under wraps. 

“One of the artists is obviously one of the f-cking greatest living artists around but also had a very personal, idiosyncratic tie to Barbie as well,” he said. 

Star-studded lineup for Barbie Soundtrack 

The Barbie soundtrack promises an incredible musical experience with a star-studded lineup. The album, set to release on July 21st, will feature 17 tracks from renowned artists such as Lizzo, Dua Lipa, Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice, Charlie XCX, Ava Max, Khalid, Haim, and more. 

Time reports that Greta Gerwig and Mark Ronson, the masterminds behind the upcoming soundtrack from Atlantic Records, provided every artist involved with a 20-minute film preview. This exclusive glimpse allowed the musicians to capture the essence of the movie’s tone and narrative as they were informed about the scenes where their songs would be seamlessly integrated into the plot. 

“You’re hearing lyrics that are responding to what’s happening onscreen, so the music became more than just music — it became a device to enhance what the audience was watching and experiencing and got to be the voice of the audience,” said Margot Robbie. 

Surprisingly, actor Ryan Gosling, who portrays Barbie’s love interest, Ken, in the film, will showcase his musical talents on the album, delivering an 80s-style ballad in character. 

Barbie, the highly anticipated film, is scheduled to hit theatres on July 21st, captivating audiences with its beloved characters and an exceptional soundtrack. 

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