Barso by Ritviz garners more views than songs of Nucleya

Talking about Indian Dance Music,  two names that definitely come to our minds are that of Nucleya and Ritviz. One may call Ritviz his successor. He rose to fame when his original ‘Udd Gaye’ which was selected for Bacardi House Anthem and was hugely supported by Nucleya and the guys at AIB – All India Bakchod.

Pune-based, Ritviz Srivastava is trained in Indian Classical Music. This 20 years-old high-school drop-out decided he wanted to pursue his dream career at the age of 16. He got his first release “Mukti” at the age of 19, from High Chai Records. That was his first international release about which OML – Only Much Louder – included him in their roster.

So, the first song called Jeet from his album VED has been hurling waves in the scene and has already gained 700k plays in the first 3 weeks.

Barso by Ritviz has been his most awaited release after Udd Gaye. It is his second single release after Jeet as a part of his debut album Ved. Sanjeev Sinha wrote the lyrics for the song. The drop was changed in Barso by Ritviz when he released it officially. The version of the drop he played at the shows before release was different in terms of intensity and melody. If you guys too felt the difference, just comment it below to let us know. The track has gained more than 350k in just a week.

Let us, furthermore, take a look at what Nucleya released at around the same time Ritviz’s songs were released. Nucleya released the following tracks but couldn’t match the viewership of the fans on Ritviz’s songs. Plus, not to mention the hype that was in the air was unmatchable.

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