Contract controversy: ATTRAKT accuses Warner Music Korea of poaching FIFTY FIFTY artists


ATTRAKT, the agency representing FIFTY FIFTY, has issued a statement identifying Warner Music Korea as the “external force” responsible for approaching the group members in an attempt to breach their contracts.

Last week, ATTRAKT declared its intention to take legal action against a third party that had approached FIFTY FIFTY, aiming to persuade them to violate their exclusive contracts with their current agency. In their previous statement, ATTRAKT accused these external forces of engaging in slanderous accusations against their agency and employing excessive flattery to induce the artists to disregard their valid exclusive contracts and sign with them.

On June 26, ATTRAKT further announced that they had sent a certification of contents to Warner Music Korea after discovering the latter’s involvement in discussions with an outside party concerning the acquisition of FIFTY FIFTY from ATTRAKT.

“We have gathered concrete evidence of an explicit attempt to illegally poach the FIFTY FIFTY members,” stated ATTRAKT in an official press release. “We urge Warner Music Korea to provide a precise explanation and state their official position.”

Earlier this year, ATTRAKT entered into a global partnership with Warner Records to promote FIFTY FIFTY following their rapid rise to stardom with the viral hit “Cupid.”

Warner Music Korea responds to allegations

Warner Music Korea has released an official statement in response to the recent claims made by ATTRAKT, the agency representing FIFTY FIFTY, a rookie girl group. Warner Music Korea clarified that they have been working with FIFTY FIFTY as their overseas distributor since April 1, 2023.

They expressed their commitment to supporting FIFTY FIFTY and their agency by leveraging the resources and network of Warner Music Group.

Warner Music Korea expressed regret over the unfounded suspicions raised by ATTRAKT and stated that the claims made against them are baseless. They urged the public to refrain from spreading unconfirmed rumors and speculative reports.

Warner Music Korea’s full statement

Hello, this is Warner Music Korea.

We are informing you of our official stance regarding today’s statement by rookie girl group FIFTY FIFTY’s agency ATTRAKT.

First, as FIFTY FIFTY’s overseas distributor, Warner Music Korea has been working [with FIFY FIFTY] since April 1, 2023. Since signing the contract, we have done our best to make the dazzling achievements of FIFTY FIFTY and their agency shine even brighter by mobilizing Warner Music Group’s abilities and network, so we are very sorry that such unfortunate suspicions were raised.

Warner Music Korea has done its best as a global distributor until now while respecting the opinions of the artists and artists’ agencies, and we take pride in that various achievements demonstrate this.

ATTRAKT’s claims are groundless, and we are regretful that they have sent [us] a certification of contents.

We sincerely ask you to refrain from spreading unconfirmed rumors as well as baseless and speculative reports in the future.

Thank you.

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