Ariana Grande unveils plans for week-long celebration of ‘Yours Truly’ album’s 10th anniversary 

ariana grande

Pop sensation Ariana Grande has ignited excitement among fans worldwide as she announced an upcoming week-long celebration in honor of the 10th anniversary of her debut album “Yours Truly.” The announcement came through a heartfelt Instagram post, revealing a series of events and surprises to mark the significant milestone. 

“Yours Truly,” the album that marked Ariana’s entrance into the music industry, was released on August 30, 2013. A decade later, the artist is gearing up to commemorate the album’s legacy and the journey it has represented. 

Celebrations Timeline 

The festivities will commence on August 25, with the launch of a deluxe digital re-release of “Yours Truly.” The re-release promises to include the original album and newly recorded live performances of two beloved tracks, “Honeymoon Avenue” and “Daydreamin’.” Ariana shared her excitement about the reimagined songs, stating, “I can’t wait for you to hear them. This was such a healing and special project to do.” 

On August 26, Ariana will unveil the first part of a Q&A session, providing fans with an intimate glimpse into her thoughts and experiences during the album’s creation. A merchandise capsule will also drop alongside this release. Following closely, on August 27, fans can look forward to a live performance video of the hit track “Baby I.” 

As the countdown continues, August 28 marks the pre-order availability for an undisclosed vinyl release, promising to bring a touch of nostalgia to collectors and fans alike. Simultaneously, the second part of Ariana’s Q&A session will be made public. On August 29, fans can expect the release of live performance videos for “Tattooed Heart” and “Right There,” adding to the celebration’s excitement. 

Concluding the week-long commemoration with grandeur, August 30 will witness the release of the album’s lead single, “The Way,” performed live by Ariana herself. In addition, the singer will unveil a special treat for fans by sharing “behind the scenes” content that has been unearthed over the years, offering a glimpse into the album’s making. 

The 10th anniversary of “Yours Truly” marks not only a reflection on Ariana’s remarkable musical journey but also serves as a testament to the lasting impact the album has had on her fans and the industry. As anticipation builds, fans worldwide cheer up to relive the magic that started it all. 

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