Aditya Kumar releases his second romantic single, ‘Mai Pagal’

mai pagal

‘Mai Pagal’ released on 20th May 2022 exclusively on the official YouTube channel of GrooveNexus, GrooveNexus Records. The song has been written, composed, and sung by Aditya Kumar and produced by Traxeon and Mukul Kumar. This is Aditya’s second single after Tu Mera Banja Re

Aditya wrote Mai Pagal about two years ago when he was just out of school and fell in love with a girl. He says, “The song depicts young and innocent love where you feel the urge to see your ‘someone special’ again and again.’ Relating to his situation, he adds that his friends used to tease him for having gone mad and being so much in love. And that’s just how he came up with the lyrics-   

“Hai yeh pata tujhko 

Tere liye hi haan 

Hai yeh pata mujhko  

Tere liye hi haan 

Mai pagal…” 

Aditya Kumar is a 19-year-old prodigy singer and songwriter. Despite being from a humble background, he did not leave any stone unturned in chasing his dream of becoming a singer-songwriter. He doesn’t have any formal training in singing or songwriting, however, he has been gifted with a melodious voice.  

His attitude of never quitting opened multiple doors of opportunities and got him where he is today. One of the best examples he gives is when he wanted to learn the guitar but due to financial constraints, he could not attend proper guitar lessons. So, he looked up for free resources online and learnt how to play the guitar on his own.  

For a teenager to have such commitment and passion towards his goal in life is commendable. It is just the start for him. We hope that he does wonders in the upcoming years and takes the music industry by storm. 

Watch the official video of Mai Pagal here:  

Mai Pagal ( Official Lyrical Video ) | Aditya | Traxeon | Mukul | GrooveNexus 

Watch Here –

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