‘Aankhein Nashili’ all set to release this Friday

A Vin’s new track, ‘Aankhein Nashili’ is all set to hit the charts on Friday, July 1st. The song, co-written by A Vin and Sameer Khan, and produced by DJ Traxeon, will be releasing on GrooveNexus’ official YouTube channel, GrooveNexus Records. This is the first time that the duo is working together, and we can’t keep calm!

A Vin aka Ashwani Maurya is a rapper, lyricist and singer from Ludhiana, Punjab. He wrote his first rap song, ‘So Much Love’, in 2019, soon after which he started writing commercial songs. His second song, ‘Catwalk’, came out in 2020 and received an overwhelming response from fans.

Sameer Khan, 19, is an upcoming artist and rapper from Lucknow, UP. His interest in rapping sparked when he was in the 6th grade and two years later, he wrote his first rap song.

Traxeon aka Rohan Shukla is an Indian DJ, music producer, singer and songwriter who is widely acclaimed for his Bollywood remixes, mashups, and other original works. His journey with music production began in 2011 with limited resources. Today, he owns a music production academy in Lucknow, a recording studio and a lot more. Having worked with well-known celebrities like Sushant Khatri and Remo D’Souza, he is known across the industry for his impressive work.

The collaboration between Sameer Khan and A Vin happened by chance when they casually met at DJ Traxeon’s studio. A Vin was there for recording his single ‘Catwalk’ when he happened to come across Sameer Khan and shared his idea with him. Sameer Khan liked the song and offered to collaborate and so, he wrote and performed the rap for the song!

Details to remember

Release date: July 1st, 2022, Friday

Time: 6 PM

Releasing exclusively on: GrooveNexus Records

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