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“2 Seater” by Blackmusic is more than just a song. It is a journey through the alleys of hip-hop street culture, an exploration of life’s unfiltered truths, and a tribute to individual strength and authenticity. This song will be releasing on 25th August. The song’s captivating story shows what it’s like to be in a street gang and encourages viewers to be themselves. The work of Blackmusic, and Rey, working together, has led to an audio masterpiece that shows the unapologetic spirit of the world of rap. As “2 Seater” continues to be popular, it shows how powerful authentic storytelling is and how universal music is to express yourself.  

The Genesis of “2 Seater” 

The song “2 Seater” originates from an organic and impromptu assembly of artists who shared a passion for 1990s hip-hop. Blackmusic and friends were jamming to classic beats in a studio, immersed in the era’s nostalgia. Among them was Rey, who was not only a friend but also the song’s music producer of this song. As luck would have it, Rey played a rhythm that immediately resonated with the group. This served as the basis upon which “2 Seater” was constructed. 

In a whirlwind of creativity, ideas flowed effortlessly, and within an astonishingly brief 9 to 10 minutes, the entire track took shape. The hook, verses, and beat came together effortlessly, capturing the essence of the hip-hop street culture that was intended to be conveyed. This spontaneous combustion of creative energy gave “2 Seater” life and set the scene for its vibrant narrative.

The Idea and Story 

“2 Seater” is about the raw truth of hip-hop street culture at its core. The song paints a lively picture of a street gang’s life by discussing their struggles, victories, and the fact that they don’t apologize for anything. The story is told through bold, straightforward words that come from real life. The artist takes the audience on a trip through the streets and tells the stories of the people who live there, which often need to be heard. 

The song’s main idea is that listening to one’s own words is a powerful thing to do. It tells people they can find strength and meaning within themselves, even when things are hard. This powerful message is woven into the honest and raw portrayal of street life, making a tapestry of feelings that speaks to a wide range of people. 

Inspiring and Having an Effect 

Blackmusic gets ideas from many different places. For “2 Seater,” a famous Indian rapper, singer, and songwriter named Sidhu Moose Wala was a big inspiration. The song has a nostalgic feel, like old-school rap, which is a tribute to the style’s roots. The words are honest and don’t try to hide anything, like how Sidhu Moose Wala tells stories in his work. 

Blackmusic did a great job with the music creation, which is a key part of any song. Rey, the music producer, brought the beat to life by giving it the raw energy that marks “2 Seater.” With Traxeon’s help, Blackmusic and Rey worked together to create a song with a special charm that comes from how the different parts fit together. 


Bache dudh pi maut ka hai khel ye 
Adhe dost bahar mere adhe bethe jail me 
Mu pe bolu aadhe rapper copy jaipur sheher main 
Mic dedo jhaang khuja denge saale memne… 

Artist Biography

Aditya Badolia aka Black music is the singer, lyricist, and composer of the song. Since he was a child, his journey began 2001 in Jaipur. The singer was influenced by big names like Yo Yo Honey Singh, Badshah, and Ikka. As his life changed, so did his music. In ninth grade, a life-changing first show was a turning point that set the stage for future work. After graduating and being driven by a strong love for hip hop, the artist set up a personal studio. This led to the release of the hit song “Literally” and started an endless artistic journey. 

Rey is an accomplished hip-hop artist known for his captivating storytelling abilities and thought-provoking lyrics. With his distinctive style and honest approach, Rey aims to inspire and motivate listeners through his music. Doubt is his latest release, showcasing his artistic growth and dedication to making a positive impact on society.  


Song Name – 2 Seater 
Singer– Blackmusic 
Lyrics – Blackmusic 
Composer – Blackmusic 
Music Producer – Rey 

“2 Seater” is a great example of how the artists who worked on it worked well together. Black music’s artistic mark is all over the song. Not only did he sing on it, but he also wrote catchy words. Blackmusic worked hard on the song, showing his love for his music. Rey’s work as a music producer brought the piece to life by giving it the energy and beat typical of hip-hop. 

“2 Seater” song is now available in all audio streaming platforms.

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