Psytrance Playlist of Top Psytrance Tracks

Psytrance Playlist of Top Psytrance Tracks

Psychedelic music has evolved consistently over the years. From the emergence of the hippie movement to the introduction of an entire genre for dance music enthusiasts, Psytrance has managed to gather a following throughout the globe. Here’s a specially curated Psytrance playlist of top Psytrance tracks from artists around the globe.

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Now check out the trippy playlist:

Infected Mushroom – Becoming Insane

Ajja – Bazzinga

Vini Vici – The Tribe

1200 Micrograms – Shivas India

Crazy Astronaut – So Damn Tough

Bubble – Daydream

Ovnimoon – Galactic Mantra

Infected Mushroom – Heavyweight

Astral Projection – Mahadeva

Shpongle – D.M.T

Astrix – Deep Jungle Walk

Skazi – India

Paranormal Attack – Walking In the Sun

Halluconogen – LSD

Liquid Soul – Devotion

Cosmosis – Siren Song

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