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Quintino has established himself as a go-to Big Room artist with the most memorable Big Room productions under his belt. His collaboration with Sandro Silva resulted in ‘EPIC’ which kicked off the whole Big Room parade. This song brought him to the limelight.

Dutch tastemaker, DJ and Producer Laidback Luke, discovered him at the age of 18. Since then, Quintino has come a long way from smaller gigs to performing for some of the biggest festivals, stages, and clubs across the world.

The Dutch DJ/producer has joined hands with some of the big shots of the EDM world like Afrojack, Tiesto and many more. Quintino always keeps looking for influences from Electro House, Bubbling, and Trap. His work is a testament to his ability to intertwine different genres together and turn them into a delightful organic whole.

1. Winner 

For all the winners out there, this song is the one to celebrate your victory. Quintino has blessed us with the perfect modern dance winner anthem. So, hoist your medal high and let the sweet song of accomplishment ring in your ears. The engrossing Big Room chords and heavy drop along with some Future House beats, make this song another bomb to push Quintino further to the stairway to stardom.

2. Carnival

Quintino sure was aiming to cause some carnage with this one. Carnival released on 1st December 2017 under Spinnin’ Records.  This song is a festive banger with its trippy trap. it has already bagged a lot of appreciation from artists like David Guetta, The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, and R3hab.

3. Epic

The song which is considered the first true Big Room House creation brought Dutch producers Quintino and Sandro Silva together. The song was produced by Silva and Maarten Vorwerk and released on 3rd October 2011 under labels Spinnin’ Records and Musical Freedom. In the Netherlands, the song rocked the charts by reaching the top-most position in both the Dutch Top 40 and the Mega Single Top 100. The track also featured in Swedish House Mafia’s compilation album Until Now.

4. Mayhem

To bring about a colossal tune, Steve Aoki and Quintino collaborated. Mayhem”  manages to impress its audience with an amalgamation of classic Big Room sounds and catchy breaks. The song resonates a lot with “Tremor” by Martin Garrix and DV&LM in relation to its structure and sounds, but it has a more dynamic melody.

5. Underground

The Big Room track, ‘Underground’, is a streaming success. For that very reason, Quintino is the highest climber in the DJ Mag. It released on 4th November 2016 under Spinnin’ Records.

6. Good Vibes ft. Laurell

The brilliantly talented DJ/Music Producer, Quintino blessed the audience with a big dose of good vibes. He dropped a fresh and exhilarating tune ready to fill the world with joy.  The songs have uplifting chords, and a Future Bass tinged drop, mixed with the authentic vocals of Laurell, making sure this it is here to stay.


Quintino with his follow up EP, GO HARDER Part 2, proved that he is skilled to master different genres together. ‘F What You Heard’ is a part of this album. The massive drop followed by some nice trap influences interlaced with up-pitched vocal notes sure pushed the envelope.


The song released on 30th September 2016 under the label Spinnin’ Premium in the Netherlands. This Electronic track is a huge hit that features Trap and Progressive House elements along with hard kicks, thrilling bass and a big drop enhanced by a powerful synth lead.

9. I Just Can’t 

For this song, R3hab and Quintino teamed up for a love saga.  The song is produced and written by both R3hab and Quintino. It released on 8th September 2017 under the label CYB3RPVNK. The lyrics capture the romance between an old couple trying to steal a glimpse of each other, and how their love still lingers within them.

10. Aftermath

The track brought Quintino and Sandro Silva back together after ‘Epic’, the song that stirred the Big Room House by storm. After 4 years, these two decided to collaborate and crank another hit and the result was just as massive. This top-notch song was released on 3rd July 2015 under Spinnin’ Records.

11. EMF 

For this song, Quintino and Crossnaders joined forces and the result was an absolute delight for music fanatics. The song is electric fire with distorted kicks, vivacious synths, and pitch-bent leads. The song was released under the label Spinnin’ Records in the year 2016.

12. Unbroken

Listening to this piece of art is the perfect way to start your day. The song produced by Yves and Quintino features the vocals of Gia Koka. This Big Room and Progressive House track released on 1st January 2016 under Spinnin’ Records.

13. Escape (Into The Sunset) (featuring Una) 

The song released on 23rd March 2015 under Spinnin’ Records. With this vibrant and fresh new single, Quintino has set his imprint on American Dance Floor. The song features the Electropop Singer Una. In an interview, Quintino talked about this song “it’s a song to sing along to, a focal point during a live gig and a record that’s able to stand the test of time.”

 14. Fatality (Quintino Edit)

Fatality is the result of joined forces between Quintino and Pep&Rash. His edit is simply staggering. The Pep&Rash melodies intertwined with Quintino’s brilliant production is PURE GOLD!

15. Bawah Tanah

Quintino with this song caused some serious mayhem in the music scene. This song is a part of his album GO HARDER EP PART 3, DO OR DIE! which contains six mind-bending tracks. Quintino joined forces with Cesqeaux, Henry Fong, and Outsiders for adding some musical violence. The song produced by Thomas Helsloot and Quintino, released on 30th June 2017 under spinnin’ Records.

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