Aubrey Drake Graham, 35, is a Canadian rapper & singer in contemporary rap, pop rap, contemporary R&B & pop style, and an actor who has been active since 2000. Looking for Drake’s best hits or, say, popular Drake songs? You’re at the right place. Before we get into the top Drake songs, let’s walk you through the milestones achieved by the rap star.

Regarding streaming, no one is doing it better than Drake. Drake is a member of “Young Money,” a rap group affiliated with “Lil Wayne” and the “Cash Money” record label. He is known for setting various records on Billboard Hot 100 Charts. Drake was listed as the No.1 top artist in 2016, having 63,507,301 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Drake is the most streamed artist on Spotify with 49.9 billion streams (49,955,306,209), followed by Young Boy Never Broke Again, with Taylor Swift, Juice WRLD, and The Weeknd at No. 3, 4 & 5.

Most streamed songs by Drake include “One Dance” from 2016, with 344 million plays on No. One, “God’s Plan,” with 267 million plays on No. Two had the most global plays in a day on Apple Music with 14 million streams in 24hrs, followed by the third most streamed song, “Nice for What,” with 207 million plays in the UK.

Drake has released 12 albums so far, including: –

  • So Far Gone (2009)
  • Thank Me Later (2010)
  • Take Care (2011)
  • Nothing Was the Same (2013)
  • If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late (2015)
  • What A Time to Be Alive (2015)
  • Live At Jazzwerkstatt Peitz (2016)
  • Views (2016)
  • More Life (2017)
  • Scorpion (2018)
  • Certified Lover Boy (2021)
  • Honestly, Never Mind (2022)

“Nothing Was the Same” and “Take Care” have received several recognitions, such as “41st Best Album of The Decade (2010 & 2014)” by “Pitchfork” & “Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time” (2020), respectively.

Drake and Rihanna’s songs were hitting the charts in 2016, with the tracks of the two artists on everybody’s lips. While Drake was the world’s most streamed artist with 4.7 billion streams, Rihanna was the most streamed female artist with more than 2.5 billion streams.

In 2018, “Scorpion” received mixed reviews, but “God’s Plan,” “In My Feelings,” & “Nice for What” compensated for it. Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” debuted at no. 1 with the most significant sales week in a year.

Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy Songs” have now collectively surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify.

He has won 192 awards out of 382 nominations, including 4 Grammy awards from 49 Grammy nominations and 29 out of 81 at Billboard Music Awards, including Artist of the Decade.

Drake won his 1st Grammy in 2012 for his album “Take Care” under “Best Rap Album,” followed by 2nd & 3rd Grammy under “Best Rap Song” & “Best Rap/Sung Performance” categories for “Hotline Bling” in 2017. His fourth Grammy was for “God’s Plan” under the “Best Rap Song” category in 2019, even though he declined to perform at the event.

He removed himself from the 2022 Grammy competition, where he was nominated under two categories: “Best Rap Album” for “Way 2 sexy” and “Best Rap Performance” for “Certified Lover Boy.”

Drake stated, “This is a business where sometimes it’s up to a bunch of people who might not understand what a mixed-race kid from Canada has to say. But the point is, you’ve already won if you have people singing your songs word for word — you don’t need this right here,” he added, holding up the Grammy.

But as Drake started to continue speaking, the Grammys played an advertisement. Drake later called his words “too raw for TV.”

Here are the Top 20 Most Streamed Drake Songs

1. One Dance

” One Dance” ft. Wiz Kid & Kyla has 2 billion streams on Spotify with 139 million views on YouTube from the album “Views,” released in 2016.

2. God’s Plan

“God’s Plan” has 1.4 billion views on YouTube & more than 1.5 billion streams on Spotify from the album “Scorpion” in 2018. It is certified 11x Platinum.

3. Nice For What

“Nice For What” with 397 million views on YouTube & 7 million streams away from hitting 1 billion on Spotify.

4. In My Feelings

In My Feelings,” you must have hummed the lyrics of “Kiki do you love me,” having 282 million views and received an honor from Spotify for 1 billion streams from the album “Scorpion,” released in 2019.

5. “Work” by Rihanna

“Work” by Rihanna ft. Drake having 1.2 billion views on YouTube & more than 1.5 billion streams, was released in 2016.

6. Life Is Good

“Life Is Good” by Future ft. Drake, with 2 billion views on YouTube & around 1 billion streams on Spotify, was released in 2020.

7. Passionfruit

“Passionfruit,” with 129 million views on YouTube, passed 1 billion streams on Spotify from the album “More Life,” released in 2017.

8. Too Good

With more than 1 billion streams from the album Views, “Too Good” ft. Rihanna was released in 2016.

9. Indigo

“No Guidance” by Chris Brown ft. Drake, with 431 million views on YouTube, from the album “Indigo,” released in 2019. It was nominated for “Best R&B Song” at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

10. Hotline Bling

“Hotline Bling” has 1.8 billion views on YouTube and passed 1 billion streams on Spotify from the album “Views,” released in 2015. It was certified 8x Platinum.

11. Controlla

“Controlla,” from the album “Views,” released in 2016.

12. Toosie Slide

“Toosie Slide” with 344 million views on YouTube & 767,799,000 streams on Spotify from his commercial “Dark Lane Demo Tapes,” released in 2020.

13. Non-Stop

“Non-Stop” with 106 million views on YouTube, from the album “Scorpion,” released in 2018. It was the most streamed song from the album on its 1st day, with 9,298,297 streams.

14. Going Bad

” Going Bad” with Meek Mill, having more than 8 million streams on Spotify & 159 million views on YouTube, from the album “Championship,” released in 2018.

15. Fake Love

” Fake Love” has around 1 billion streams from the album “More Life,” released in 2016.

16. Hold On, We’re Going Home

” Hold On, We’re Going Home” ft. Majid Jordan has 185 million views on YouTube & around 8-9 million streams from the album “Nothing Was the Same,” released in 2017.

17. Look Alive

“Look Alive,” with BlocBoy JB having 368 million views on YouTube, and more than 400 million streams, was released in 2018.

18. Take Care

“Take Care” ft. With 409 million views on YouTube, Rihanna surpassed 3 billion streams on Spotify from the album “Take Care,” released in 2011. It is, indeed, one of the best old Drake songs.

19. Laugh Now, Cry Later

“Laugh Now, Cry Later” ft. Lil Durk has 403 million views on YouTube; the single was released in 2020.

20. Jumpman

“Jumpman,” with 679,423,000 streams on Spotify & 15,100,000 views on YouTube, from the album “What a time to be alive,” was released in 2015.

Wrap Up

Some other top Drake songs include “Sicko Mode,” which is one of the best Drake songs, with Travis Scott having over 2 billion streams,” Mia,” “Yes Indeed,” & “Money in the Grave.” Certified lover boy drake songs have the record of most significant 1st-day streams on Apple Music. “Find You Love” is one of the top sad drake songs. You name the emotion, and Drake’s got you since Drizzy never leaves you disappointed.

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