Celebrating Jonita Gandhi: A Melodic Tribute to Timeless Tunes

Jonita Gandhi

In harmonious celebration of Jonita Gandhi’s birthday, we pay tribute to the extraordinary artist whose name is synonymous with soulful renditions and musical brilliance. As we raise our voices in joy, let’s embark on a melodic journey delving into enchanting world of Jonita Gandhi songs. From heartwarming covers of Bollywood classics to the emotive tapestry of her original compositions, Jonita’s vocal prowess has left an indelible mark on music enthusiasts worldwide. Join us in this celebration of a musical luminary, exploring the timeless melodies that continue to resonate with fans. Happy Birthday, Jonita Gandhi! May your music be a source of inspiration and upliftment across the globe!  

1. What Jhumka? 

By chance kisi ladki ka 

Jahan Jhumka Gira Re  

What Jhumka? 

What Jhumka? 

What Jhumka? 

Aye haye haye 

Jhumka gira re, Bareilly ke bazaar mein 

Dive into the enchanting world of “What Jhumka?” – a musical masterpiece that celebrates the allure of Rai Bareilly’s bustling bazaars and the captivating beauty of its women. Sung by the soulful voices of Arijit Singh and Jonita Gandhi, with an electrifying rap performance by Ranveer Singh, this song is a vibrant fusion of classic melodies composed by Madan Mohan and contemporary beats by Pritam. 

The lyrics, penned by the brilliant Amitabh Bhattacharya, pay homage to the timeless charm of the pretty lady who steals hearts amid Bareilly’s vibrant marketplace. With lines like “Pretty lady, Pretty lady, Pretty lady, can’t take my eyes off you,” the song captures the essence of infatuation and admiration. 

The catchy chorus of “Hai Jhumka, Oye Jhumka” resonates with the cultural significance of traditional jewelry, and the playful lyrics paint a vivid picture of the lively atmosphere in Rai Bareilly. The rap section adds a modern twist, reflecting the dynamic spirit of the town. 

Music – Madan Mohan and Pritam 

Lyrics and Rap – Amitabh Bhattacharya 

Original Lyrics – Raja Mehdi Ali Khan 

Singer – Arijit Singh and Jonita Gandhi 

Rap performed by – Ranveer Singh 

2. Aap Ki Nazron Ne Samjha  

Aap ki nazron ne samjha, pyaar ke kaabil mujhe 

Dil ki ae dhadkan theher ja, mil gayee manzil mujhe 

Aap ki nazron ne samjha 

Ji hamein manzoor hai, aapka ye faisla 

Ji hamein manzoor hai, aapka ye faisla 

Keh rahi hai har nazar, banda paravar shukriya 

Do jahaan ki aaj khushiyan ho gayee haasil mujhe 

Aap ki nazron ne samjha  

Embark on a journey of emotions with Jonita Gandhi’s soul-stirring rendition of “Aap Ki Nazron Ne Samjha.” In this mesmerizing version, Jonita’s vocals weave a tapestry of love and longing, beautifully complemented by the rearrangement of Keba Jeremiah. The original classic, composed by Madan Mohan and penned by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, is reinvented, breathing new life into its timeless melody. 

Jonita’s velvety voice takes center stage, accompanied by the skilled musicianship of Keba Jeremiah on guitars, Arjun Vasanthan on rhythm, and Prashanth Techno on keys. Avinash Sathish’s expert touch in mix and master ensures a seamless auditory experience, allowing the song’s emotional depth to resonate. 

The lyrics, originally sung by the legendary Lata Mangeshkar, unfold a tale of love and acceptance. “Aap ki nazron ne samjha, pyaar ke kaabil mujhe,” echoes the universal sentiment of being understood and cherished by the one you love. Each note, each lyric is a testament to the timeless beauty of true love. 

Vocals – Jonita Gandhi  

Guitars – Keba Jeremiah 

Rhythm – Arjun Vasanthan  

Keys – Prashanth Techno  

Mix & Master – Avinash Sathish  

Video Edit – Nirmala Jadoonanan  

3. Tu Tu Hai Wahi 

Tu tu hai wahi, 

Dil ne jise apna kaha 

Tu hai jahaan 

Main hoon wahaan 

Ab toh ye jeena tere bin hai sazaa~ 

Ho~o… Mil jaayein iss tarah, 

Do leherein jis tarah 

Step into the soothing realm of romantic classics with Jonita Gandhi’s rendition of “Tu Tu Hai Wahi,” featured in the album “Bollywood Unwind – Session 2.” In this urban avatar of timeless melodies, Jonita’s voice becomes a vessel of emotions, flowing seamlessly with the soulful music production by Ajay Singha. 

As Jonita takes the helm, the music video, directed by Raj Pendurkar and edited by Ashutosh Mishra, unfolds a visual narrative that complements the song’s enchanting melody. The video is a poignant journey starring Rishi Kapoor, Poonam Dhillon, and Tina Munim, adding a nostalgic touch to this musical masterpiece. 

“Tu Tu Hai Wahi,” a promise of eternal love, captures the essence of heartfelt commitments. The lyrics, penned with poetic finesse, resonate with the promise of togetherness. “Tu hai jahaan, main hoon wahaan, ab toh ye jeena tere bin hai sazaa~” – a lyrical journey into the depths of love, beautifully portrayed by Jonita’s expressive rendition. 

Singer – Jonita Gandhi 

Album – Bollywood Unwind – Session 2 –Romantic Classics in a relaxing urban avatar 

Music Producer – Ajay Singha 

Music Video Director – Raj Pendurkar 

Asst. Director – Ashutosh Mishra 

Video Editor – Ashutosh Mishra 

Music Label – Strumm Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. 

Music Publisher – Universal Music Publishing Pvt. Ltd. 

4. Break Up Song 

Breakup song, breakup song 

Karde dil ki feeling strong 

Saade chaar minute long 

Breakup song, breakup song 

Break break B B… Breakup song 

Break break B B… Breakup song 

Let the beats take you on a rollercoaster of emotions with the energetic “Break Up Song,” a musical masterpiece by the dynamic trio of Arijit Singh, Badshah, and Jonita Gandhi, featuring Nakash Aziz. Penned by the lyrical genius Amitabh Bhattacharya, this track is a fusion of foot-tapping rhythms and catchy lyrics that tell a tale of heartbreak and liberation. 

As Pritam’s music sets the stage, Arijit Singh’s soulful voice, Badshah’s rap, and Jonita Gandhi’s melodious tones blend seamlessly, creating a symphony that resonates with anyone who’s ever danced their way through heartache. The sound design by Dj Phukan and Sunny M.R. elevates the music, making it an instant hit for both dance floors and emotional journeys. 

The lyrics unfold a story of resilience and self-discovery after a breakup. “Mere saiyyan ji se aaj maine breakup kar liya,” sings the protagonist, shedding old burdens and stepping into a future that promises brightness. The infusion of humor and wit in Badshah’s rap adds a playful touch to the narrative, making it not just a breakup anthem but a celebration of newfound freedom. 

Music – Pritam 

Lyrics – Amitabh bhattacharya 

Singers – Arijit Singh, Badshah, Jonita Gandhi & Nakash Aziz 

Sound Design – Dj Phukan, Sunny M.R. 

Music Programmer – Sunny M.R., Arijit Singh, Dj Phukan, Rohan Chauhan, Hyacinth D’Souza & Qaran Mehta 

5. Vaseegra 

Embark on a nostalgic journey with Jonita Gandhi and Keba Jeremiah as they unveil their mesmerizing Tamil cover of the evergreen classic, “Vaseegara.” In a heartfelt message, Jonita shares her excitement for this special rendition, a song close to the hearts of many who have grown up with its melody. Whether you’re familiar with the Hindi or Tamil version, their modern twist promises to evoke cherished memories. 

With Jonita’s ethereal vocals and Keba’s soulful guitar, this rendition breathes new life into the timeless melody originally sung by Bombay Jayshree and composed by the maestro Harris Jayaraj for the movie “Minnale.” The cover maintains the song’s intrinsic beauty while infusing a contemporary vibe, creating an enchanting blend of the old and the new. 

Balu Thankachan’s expert mixing, along with assistance from Sethu Thankachan and Elwin Joseph, ensures that every note resonates with perfection. The vocals, recorded at Krimson Avenue Studios by Vishnu M, and guitars, recorded at 20db studios by Avinash Sathish in Chennai, showcase the dedication to musical excellence. 

Vocals – Jonita Gandhi 

Guitar – Keba Jeremiah 

Mixed By – Balu Thankachan 

Label – Sa Re Ga Ma 

6. Dil Ka Telephone 

Jab aayi teri yaad mudke jaati nai 

Sajna ab toh neend bhi mujhko aati nai 

Jab aayi teri yaad mudke jaati nai 

Sajna ab toh neend bhi mujhko aati nai 

Oh majnu mere yaar 

Ye laila hai taiyaar 

Ho jaldi se leke aaja 

Ek diamond ki ring 

Tere liye dil ka telephone 

Hai bajta ring-ring-rara-ring 

Get ready to be swept away by the enchanting tunes of “Dil Ka Telephone,” a musical collaboration that brings together the dynamic duo Meet Bros, the soulful Jonita Gandhi, and the vibrant Nakash Aziz. This peppy track is not just a song; it’s an anthem of love that resonates with the heartbeat of romance. 

As the lyrics unfold the tale of love-struck moments and sleepless nights, Jonita Gandhi and Nakash Aziz breathe life into the composition with their spirited vocals. The music, crafted by Meet Bros and programmed by Sourav Roy, sets the perfect rhythm for a song that captures the essence of modern-day romance. 

The chorus, “Tere liye dil ka telephone, Hai bajta ring-ring-rara-ring,” is not just catchy but echoes the excitement and anticipation of expressing love in today’s digital age. Kumaar’s lyrics add a touch of magic, making this song both relatable and delightful. 

Music – Meet Bros 

Singers – Meet Bros Ft. Jonita Gandhi & Nakash Aziz 

Lyrics – Kumaar 

Programmed – Sourav Roy 

Music Production Head – Uddipan Sharma 

7 .Piya Tose Naina Laage Re 

In a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Lata Mangeshkar Ji, Jonita Gandhi, accompanied by the musical talents of Keba Jeremiah and Sanket Naik, brings to life the timeless classic “Piya Tose Naina Laage Re.” This rendition is not merely a cover; it’s a musical homage to one of the most celebrated voices in the history of Indian music. 

Jonita Gandhi, with her mesmerizing vocals, effortlessly captures the essence of the original song, making it a delightful experience for both the connoisseurs of the classic and the new-age music enthusiasts. Keba Jeremiah’s skillful guitar strumming, and Sanket Naik’s percussion artistry add layers of depth, preserving the soulful magic of the original composition. 

The song, originally a gem from the Bollywood classic “Guide,” resonates with the sublime melodies crafted by the maestro SD Burman and adorned with the poignant lyrics of Shailendra. Lata Mangeshkar’s rendition in the movie, picturized on the iconic Waheeda Rehman, has etched itself into the collective memory of generations. 

Jonita Gandhi’s personal connection to Lata Mangeshkar’s music adds a unique touch to this rendition. Her admiration for Lata Ji’s finesse and the learning experience she gained from emulating the legendary singer is evident in the nuanced delivery of every note. 

Cover Credits: 

Vocals – Jonita Gandhi 

Guitar – Keba Jeremiah 

Percussions – Sanket Naik 

Original Song Credits: 

Song – Piya Tose Naina Laage Re 

Singer – Lata Mangeshkar 

Movie – Guide 

Music – SD Burman 

Lyrics – Shailendra 

Label – Saregama 

8. Aap Ki Nazron Ne Samjha 

Aap ki nazron ne samjha, pyaar ke kaabil mujhe 

Dil ki ae dhadkan theher ja, mil gayee manzil mujhe 

Aap ki nazron ne samjha 

Embark on a musical journey with the enchanting voice of Jonita Gandhi as she presents a soul-stirring version of “Aap Ki Nazron Ne Samjha.” This timeless melody, originally composed by the maestro Madan Mohan and penned by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, finds new life in Jonita’s evocative interpretation. 

Accompanied by the masterful arrangements of Keba Jeremiah, the acoustic soundscape takes on a fresh, contemporary allure. The delicate strumming of guitars by Keba Jeremiah, rhythmic nuances by Arjun Vasanthan, and the melodic charm of Prashanth Techno’s keys contribute to the captivating atmosphere of the rendition. 

Jonita’s vocals breathe new emotion into the classic lyrics, creating an intimate connection with the listener. Her rendition beautifully captures the essence of the original, celebrating the enduring magic of the song that has resonated across generations. 

Vocals – Jonita Gandhi 

Guitars – Keba Jeremiah  

Rhythm – Arjun Vasanthan 

Keys – Prashanth Techno 

Mix & Master – Avinash Sathish 

Video Edit – Nirmala Jadoonanan 

9. Chal Koi Na (Let it go) 

Chal Koi Na (Let It Go) 

Tu apne raah main apne raah chal koi na 

Dilaanch na rahi jagah chal koi na 

Tu apne raah main apne raah chal koi na 

Dilaanch na rahi jagah chal koi na 

Chal koi na, chal koi na, chal koi na… 

Chal koi na, chal koi na, chal koi na… 

In the soul-stirring track “Chal Koi Na,” the versatile artist Jonita Gandhi takes us on a musical expedition, echoing the sentiments of letting go. Directed by the visionary Jay Skilly, this captivating visual experience is a testament to the collaboration of talented minds. 

The song’s lyrics, a creation of Simar Panag and Jonita Gandhi, encapsulate the essence of moving forward, encouraging listeners to embrace change and release the burdens of the past. The mantra of “Chal Koi Na” becomes a powerful anthem for anyone seeking liberation from the chains of yesterday. 

The music, a fusion by DJ Lyan, Jay Skilly, and Mickey Singh, is a delightful blend of contemporary beats and soulful melodies, creating an immersive experience that complements the lyrical journey. 

The video, a visual spectacle expertly directed by Jay Skilly, captures the emotional nuances of the song. The picturesque scenes and emotive choreography by Aathira Rajeev add layers to the narrative, making “Chal Koi Na” not just a song but a cinematic expression of emotions. 

Artist – Jonita Gandhi 

Directed by – Jay Skilly 

Executive Producers – Jay Skilly, Aman DJ ICE 

Lyrics – Simar Panag, Jonita Gandhi 

Music – DJ Lyan, Jay Skilly, Mickey Singh 

10. Ganeshay Dheemahi 

Gananaayakaay Ganadaivataay Ganaadhyakshaay Dhimahi 

Gunashariraay Gunamanditaay Guneshaanaay Dhimahi 

Gunaatitaay Gunaadhishaay Gunapravishtaay Dhimahi 

Ekdantaay Vakratundaay Gauritanayaay Dhimahi 

Gajeshaanaay Bhaalchandraay Shriganeshaay Dhimahi 

Varamangalaay Varadeshwaraay Vishweshwaraatmane 

In the spiritual realm of music, Jonita Gandhi presents “Ganeshay Dheemahi,” a soul-stirring rendition that pays homage to the revered Lord Ganesha. Set against the timeless Sanskrit verses composed by the legendary Ajay-Atul, this track unfolds as a divine journey, capturing the essence of devotion and celebration. 

The sacred verses, Ekadantaya Vakratundaya, paint a vivid picture of Lord Ganesha’s divine attributes, invoking the qualities that make him the beloved deity—Ganesha, the leader of the ganas, the embodiment of virtue, the one beyond attributes, the remover of obstacles, and the lord of wisdom. Sung with unwavering devotion, these verses transcend language, becoming a universal prayer. 

Jonita Gandhi’s rendition is nothing short of celestial. Her vocals, like a divine river, flow through the intricate musical notes, infusing life into the sacred verses. With every word, Jonita embodies the devotion and reverence embedded in the lyrics, creating an ethereal experience that transcends the physical realm. 

Album – Ganeshay Dheemahi 

Singer – Jonita Gandhi 

Language – Sanskrit 

Lyrics – Ajay – Atul 

Additional Lyrics – Dr. Chandragupta Varnekar 

Composer – Ajay-Atul 

Music – Ajay-Atul, Recreated by Shailesh Dani 

Additional Chorus – Cosmic Voices – ( Sarang Joshi, Amar Kulkarni, Prasanna Joshi, Sonali Dixit, Vaishali Upadhye, Manjiri Vaidya Iyer) 


May this collection of Jonita Gandhi songs continue to resonate with you, reminding us of the enduring power of music to inspire, uplift, and connect us. This celebration of Jonita Gandhi’s birthday is not just a tribute to an extraordinary artist but a journey through the diverse landscapes of melody and rhythm. The songs we’ve explored together are a testament to Jonita’s ability to infuse new life into classics, evoke deep emotions in soulful renditions, and collaborate seamlessly with other musical maestros. Jonita Gandhi, thank you for gracing the world with your musical brilliance, and here’s to many more years of creating magic through your extraordinary voice. 

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