Top 10 Winter Songs to Ease Your Winter Blues


Sliding on the ice, hiding by the stove, making snow angels with the family – what is the need for all these things? The best winter songs playlist to create the perfect atmosphere. Although the cold months bring many recreational activities and powdery snow, they can also get that dreadful seasonal winter depression. Instead of curling up in bed for December, we’re going to beat the winter blues with an excellent snow playlist. The month of January is traditionally the coldest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It is possible that if we can get through this month, things will start to turn around, and we will be on our way to spring. January, on the other hand, seems to drag on forever.

So, while we battle through the chilly rain and snow, counting down the days until January is through, here are ten winter blues tunes songs about winter to help us get through the winter.

10 Best winter Songs Playlist to Ease Your Winter Blues

1. “34+35 (Remix)”, by Ariana Grande

“34+35 (Remix)” is a bluesy love song. There’s so much to like about this song, taken from Grande’s 2020 album Positions and refreshed by two special guests. With cheerful violin riffs, sparse yet speaker-shaking beats, and, above all, lyrics that reflect well, you don’t need to be a genius to add to this. This is the best classic winter song that every youngster likes.

2. “Antidote”, by Nao

Described by British singer Now as “a song born out of lockdown” and after the birth of both her daughters and her Nigerian co-star, this gorgeous love letter to black girls is an uplifting anthem we all need right now. You can add this winter song to your blues playlist.

3. “Vibez”, by Zayn

This winter song is about snuggling. A smooch slow jam of new dads singing about their, shall we say, genuine passion for their significant other—”Don’t make me wait, I’ve been waiting for the close all night,” he swoops in. Supermodel Gigi Hadid—her partner and possibly the subject of erotic songs—clearly approves as she posts the track to her Instagram Stories. She snuggled Up to Vibes, written by Zayn, Nija, Roget Chahayed, and the Grammy-winning Scribz Riley.

4. “Antes”, by Anuel AA and Ozuna

Their new collaborative album, Los Dioses, it’s the perfect celebration of upbeat reggaeton-based banger partying. Of course, we will all be welcomed with open arms. “Antes”, by Anuel AA and Ozuna is a song of winter.

5. “Wish You the Best”, by Joy Oladokun

One of country music’s rising stars, Nashville-based Joey Oladokun, is a rare talent who handles dissecting Christianity, queerness, race, and mental welfare with a fragile yet firm touch. Her newest offering with Los Angeles singer-songwriter Jensen McRae is about letting go of bitterness and becoming a bigger and better person.

6. “Roaring 20s”, by Flo Milli

While in the American South, rising Alabama rapper Flo Millie cleverly sampled. Comparing the political and cultural turmoil of 2020 with the 1920s, the singer’s powerful message puts women in their rightful place—at the center of the world.

7. “One Shirt”, by Ruger

Striking newcomer Ruger describes his sound as an Afro dancehall – an amalgamation of the most pleasing sounds from Jamaica and Nigeria. The first Lagos musician, produced by Cook beat, is a joy to hear and watch – as the pink-haired singer reflects on her struggle to succeed.

8. “All My Girls Like to Fight”, by Hope Tala

It has to be said that this song about heartbreak is deeply pop-bop, but we challenge you will not be immediately taken by the catchy chorus and bitter joy emanating from the heart and soul of this British beginner.

9. “Black Hole”, by Griff

It has to be said that this song about heartbreak is deeply pop-bop, but we challenge you will not be immediately taken by the catchy chorus and bitter joy emanating from the heart and soul of this British beginner.

10. “Lo Vas A Olvidar”, by Billie Eilish and Rosalía

Like Black Hole, it’s not the happiest of creations, but joining two of the planet’s most talented musicians for a new, standalone episode of TV’s most spectacular show—Euphoria—is cause to celebrate. This chillingly atmospheric single sees both women singing in Spanish to surprising effect. “Lo Vas A Olvidar”, by Billie Eilish and Rosalía is a winter rock song.


So, these are the best winter song that you can add to your winter playlists. There are many other songs about winter weather or winter-themed song. You can also listen to and create your playlist of all these songs on Spotify.

Yes, as stated in the headline, shorter days generally mean less time for your daily routine! You arrive home from work at 6 p.m., and your body is screaming, “go to bed!” The key is to maintain a schedule despite the darkness; otherwise, you may find yourself depressed, listless, and exhausted.

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