Best Mixes of DJ Tiesto

Best Mixes of DJ Tiesto

Tijs Michiel Verwest best known as Tiesto was born on 17th of January in 1969. Tiesto was born in Breda, Netherlands. He is a record producer and a Dutch DJ from Breda. He has been announced a ‘the Greatest DJ of all times’ by the Mixmag magazine, which was a result of a poll that was voted by the fans. The DJ Magazine announced him as ‘best DJ of last 20 years’.  He is also known as the ‘Godfather of Electronic Dance music (EDM)’. Check out these Best Mixes of DJ Tiesto:

1.    Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat. MØ – Lean On (Tiësto & MOTi Remix)

Lean on is one the most popular songs worldwide with Major Lazer, American electronic music group, and DJ Snake, a French DJ, featuring MO. The song was released in March 2015. The song initially was used in parties, drives and many other occasions as its gene are Dance and Bounce. There are several mixes of ‘Lean On’ by several other DJs. The fans were blown when Tiesto released his remix of ‘Lean On’ in collaboration with MOTi. Tiesto added some upbeats in the music and continued the music upward and downward so smoothly that the fans would anticipate along with it. He also gave it some touch ups of dubstep in between. The echo only added to the hype of the music. The fans, however, loved the remix of lean on by Tiesto because that is just two best things in the package of one.

2.    Traffic by Tiesto (original mix)

The great and most loved track, Traffic mixed by Tiesto- starts with kick beats and with the interference of drum rolls in between at some points, the beat only rises. And then it continues down to a constant kicking with a sudden drop of the beat. In between the kicks and drum rolls, new effects are added which only keep building up the tempo as the listener anticipates the beats and rising of the music. People have demanded the track to go up as the number one track. It is the perfect track you need to drive through the city in night lights.

3.    Adagio For Strings (Tiesto Remix)

The track starts with simple kick beats, and then it gives an electronic touch. The drums roll in, and the beat goes up within 55 seconds of the music. With new effects added to the track, the beat keeps on going up. And then it drops down to the low pings, slightly increasing gradually, giving it a gothic or suspense touch. It is like going into the free space. Some people have commented as it connects to them on an emotional level. It is one of the greatest trance tracks, and one can enjoy it on many different occasions depending on the interpretation of the listeners. It is one of the best works of Tiesto with beautiful, uplifting trance with a touch of powerful music.

4.    Elements of Life by Tiesto

The ‘Elements of Life’  is regarded as one of his best works. The track has the hype to move along with it. It makes for a perfect work-out track. It has the perfect rock beat to play on parties or occasions, which require loud music.

5.    Tiësto – Nyana

It is one of Tiesto’s original mixes. This track has bits of loud yet smooth music with hypes at certain points like drum rolls and kicks, also has a progression of music and the mixing of the two different types of music. It has a consistency to it with makes it a perfect track to play in the background when driving around in the city or when studying (specifically mathematics and physics). The music in this track rises from the low point to a constant level and then it drops down low, only to start gradually back up an ad to the consistency. It has been one of Tiesto’s great trance tracks. People have given it positive reviews all around.

6.    Insomnia by Tiesto

This is an old track by Tiesto in his trance collections. The fans very much love it, with its progressive music style along with the steady beats. This electronic dance music track is the one with right beats and mixing. This song is perfect for parties and events where loud music is required. The progression of the beats and the stoppage of the beats at the same time adds up to Tiesto’s great work.

We hope you enjoyed the article and the playlist. Stay tuned for more insights about the world of EDM.

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