5 Best Mixing Plugins that will make your life easier [UPDATED 2023]


Mixing Plugins are important for any artist to mix his vocals. There are many of the best mixing plugins available online. Few of them are for beginners, and few of them are for professional people. Although the task of almost every mixing plugin is the same: to mix and produce great sound.

Manufacturers constantly improve mixing plugins. They bring more progressive modifications to advancing processing functions and innovative tools beyond the fundamental dynamics and tone shaping. If you are planning to invest in a mixing plugin, this is precisely a guide which you can consider going for the best.

Wondering what plugins do I need for mixing? Here are the best mixing plugins 2022:

5 Best Mixing Plugins to Save Your Time

1. EQ: Pultec

The Pultec EQP-1A and MEQ-5 equalizers have a mythical reputation in the recording industry as some of the most ‘magical’ creations ever produced. They’re relatively limited in what they do, but they make great sweetener or ‘finishing’ EQs; they’re perfect on instrument groups, or even the mix bus, to add that radio-ready sheen. It is one of the best mixing plugins. It helps to avoid phasing difficulties while also improving musicality and clarity.

The EQP-1A contains just a low- and high-shelf with selectable frequency and can boost and cut the same frequency simultaneously. That’s part of the whole Pultec legacy; increasing and cutting the same frequency sounds fantastic. The MEQ-5 contains two peaking bands and one attenuating band with selectable frequency. Combining the EQP-1A and MEQ-5 gives you quite some control over the frequency spectrum.

EQ Pultec

2. Compression: 1176

Consider using a 1176, it is arguably one of the best compressors and a mixing plugin bundle of all time. If you are seeking smooth, natural-sounding compression, then this is best suited for you. Given its minimal settings, it is quite simple to use. The gain (output gain adjustment) and peak reduction knobs are the most significant since they govern the threshold and degree of compression (more technically speaking, it adjusts the amount of signal being sent to the sidechain, which determines the amount of compression).

Its simplicity, however, does not make it stagnant or dull. The attack and release parameters are level-dependent, which means they change as the input signal changes. If a large quantity of input signal is supplied into the compressor, the release characteristic will react in such a way that the first half of the release is rapid, and the second half is slower (think of an exponential graph). It is one of the best plugins for mixing.

Compression 1176

3. Channel Strip: SSL 4000 E/G

One of the best mixing plugins, Channel strip plugins are a wonderful way to recreate the console mixing experience in your DAW. I like to load one on every channel to start off my effects chain, and it often does quite a bit of heavy lifting. The SSL 4000 series is among the most famous desks of all time, with the E version coming in 1979 and the G debuting not long after in 1987.

Both have a lauded history of producing fantastic records, and now you can have them in your DAW. For the high and low-frequency ranges, you may choose between a shelf or bell set. The compression is gentle. It tops the list of must have plugins for mixing.

Channel Strip SSL 4000 EG

4. TAL-Reverb

There are many uses for reverbs in mixing. Sometimes, recording spaces require that we close mic instruments and recreate the sound of the room during the mixing stage. The TAL-Reverb provides you with the capability to create these spaces. Rather than a simple high, mid, low set of knobs, the TAL-Reverb has the capability to choose which frequencies you alter per band.

The TAL-Reverb series delivers lots of options for the low price of nothing. Whether you’re looking for simple ambiance, plate reverb, or room sounds, this plugin can improve your mix and give it the natural sound you are looking for. It is one of the best free mixing vst plugins. There are many vocal mixing vst plugins for free to start with.

TAL Reverb

5. IZotope Vinyl

This plugin from iZotope provides a way to have the vintage sound of vinyl for free. We all know the sound of old vinyl. The vinyl medium’s crackle, pop, and slight warp are classic sounds we have lost in the digital recording environment. This plugin creates an excellent effect that can go from subtle analog flavor to the sound of old, worn-out vinyl. iZotope allows for control over many elements of the age of the vinyl.

You can select the age of the vinyl, ranging from 1950 to 2000, and fine-tune it with the various faders. These faders control mechanical noise, electrical noise, wear, dust, scratches, and warp depth. You could try using this effect on specific instruments to give them the aged impact they need, or you could apply this to your entire mix when you are looking for a vintage vibe. It is one of the best mixing plugins.

IZotope Vinyl


So, these are the top mixing plugins. Today, Waves is one of the top plugin manufacturers in the industry. From analogue hardware emulations to one-of-a-kind processors, audio professionals and enthusiasts are mixing with wave plugins to get the best-mixed sound. If you’re a singer, you’ll need the best audio editing software, recording equipment, editing, and even mixing audio equipment to give your audience the greatest possible experience.

To know more about mixing plugins, you can also go through Plug-in collective. Plug-in Collective- mastering the mix is a community hub that brings you and the most innovative software brands together. If you want to discover amazing virtual instruments and effects, keeping up to date with the regular stream of new releases is essential, and Plug-in Collective makes it comfortable, with regular free software downloads and generous discounts on high-end plug-ins.

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