The Best DJ Software for Live, Studio and Home DJs


Unlike in the past when DJs spun vinyl on a pair of turntables, nowadays, it’s all about digital – and there are many ways of DJing. With all due respect to vinyl aficionados and CD aficionados, when it comes to convenience, cost-effectiveness, and versatility, the ideal way to DJ right now is on a digital system, whether it’s a Mac, PC, or even an iOS or Android device.

And you’ll need the correct software programme if you’re going to achieve that.

Going forward in this article, we will discuss the best DJ software that you need to try right away for spiking your music career.

Best DJ Software In 2022

1. Native Instruments Traktor Pro 3

Traktor’s popularity stems from the fact that its well-designed interface is friendly and easy-to-use enough for newcomers to pick up without too much difficulty, yet it also has enough complexity to allow expert users to accomplish some truly creative things with it. It is one of the best DJ software for mac.

Traktor features pretty much everything a modern DJ is likely to need, including great Sample Decks, Remix Decks, and Loop Recorder, as well as high-quality effects and sophisticated rhythm and key analysis algorithms. In the guise of the Traktor Scratch update, a digital vinyl system is also available.

Native Instruments Traktor Pro 3

2. Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a bit of an outlier on our list because it’s not a DJ programme – or at least it wasn’t designed to be one. Even though it was created primarily as a production tool, Live has become a favorite of DJs all around the world in the years since its introduction. It is one of the best DJ beats making software. You can also learn how to make edm music with Ableton live online.

The Session View, a superbly constructed and simply designed window for launching synced audio samples, MIDI clips, and track is key to its appeal with DJs. This perspective, along with Live’s sophisticated handling of audio retiming, makes the DAW an excellent tool for blurring the borders between DJing and live performance.

Ableton Live 2

3. Serato DJ Pro

Serato was one of the first companies to provide digital vinyl systems in the early 2000s, and it has been a significant participant in the digital DJing industry ever since. Its software has gone through several versions and name changes over the years, but after being consolidated and relaunched under the Serato DJ umbrella in 2013, the programme seems tighter and more refined than ever.

It is one of the best DJ software for beginners. Serato has worked hard in recent years to make its software more stable and low-latency, and it is for these reasons, it is a favorite option among professional club DJs. It is one of the best radio DJ software.

Serato DJ Pro

4. Mixxx

Mixxx is a free and open-source music-making app: not only can you download it for free, but the more adventurous can dig into the code and customize its features. Mixxx has been upgraded to version 2.1, which has a slicker graphical interface, a slew of new and improved effects, and a slew of additional workflow enhancements. Mixxx must be worth a try if you don’t already have a favorite DJing app.

It is one of the best free DJ software. Whether you are a new DJ with just a laptop or an experienced turntablist, Mixxx can support your style and techniques of mixing. It is one of the best free Dj software windows 10.

Mixxx 1

5. Virtual DJ

With its newest version, Virtual DJ hit a big blow, particularly on the user interface. Long criticized for their dull user interface, the last release finally brings a fresh look to the mixing software. It is one of the best free DJ software.

With this new version you can mix in real-time the various components of your tracks (vocals, instruments, kicks, hihats, etc.). This opens the door to new ways of mixing that were simply not possible before and will forever change the way DJs mix. It is one of the best Dj software for android.

Virtual DJ 1

6. Mega Seg

The most popular software for DJs that use Apple music is MegaSeg which is now on its 6th generation. Mega Seg is one of the best Dj software for apple music.

It syncs up with your iTunes app on your Apple Mac and allows you to incorporate looks, key lock and pitch bends wherever. It can only play downloaded Apple Music, so it is best for those who have their entire library downloaded on their rather than wanting to import music from other sources.

Mega Seg

7. Pioneer Rekordbox

Pioneer’s very own DJ software is for some reason vastly overlooked and unrecognized which is quite baffling if you think about it, since Pioneer is one of the best manufacturers of DJ hardware such as controllers or turntables.

Another small but helpful feature Rekordbox’s users seem to appreciate is the mini waveforms displayed near the name of the track in the library. It allows you to assess a track before playing it, giving you a better idea of what might work or not in your mix. It is one of the best Dj software for pioneer DDJ- SB2.


8. PCDJ Dex

Alongside all the standard features you’d expect from a software DJing package – mixer, effects, EQs etc. – Dex 3 features integrated video mixing and karaoke support, making it an impressively flexible option for mobile and event DJs.

In terms of straightforward DJ features, the software packs four virtual decks, with beat sync and key-matching capabilities. There’s also a sample player and looper tool. Dex supports an extensive range of MIDI controllers and can be used with a digital vinyl setup. A trial version is available to download from the PCDJ site.


9. Algoriddim djay Pro

Algoriddim was one of the first brands to take the idea of mobile DJ software seriously, and its djay Pro app is still one of the best tools on the iOS and Android platforms. According to the best software reviews, the Pro version is affordable anyway, there’s also a cheaper version, simply titled djay, which offers the same core features and is even available for Apple Watch

It can also hold its own as a desktop application, with some features that will likely be of particular interest to casual/house party DJs, like the ability to load tracks directly from Spotify and an Automix AI tool, which intelligently suggests and mixes playlists of tracks.

Algoriddim djay Pro

10. MAGIX Digital DJ

MAGIX Digital DJ is special software that allows users to transform their PC or laptop into a machine for spinning tracks. The software comes with a wide range of features that both novice and more experienced DJs are likely to find very useful such as recording loops and the software promises to be easy to get to grips with.

You need one of the best laptops for DJing and suitable software in it. Apply a wide range of effects, enable the automix option, identify precise beat and pre-listen to tracks before playing them in real time.

MAGIX Digital DJ

Thanks for reading till the end! Hopefully, now you know the best DJ software for live performances, home, and studio gig.

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