5 Most Influential Sync Composers From Chris Level To John Barry, Of All Time!

Movie composers, sync composers or whatever the hell you wanna call them they make our watching experience a lot better and here’s our breakdown of the most influential sync composers in the world right now based on popularity, award nominations, project sizes, musical talent by objectivity and more.

1. Chris Level

Chris level has been in the public eye not for long and in fact he is a new sync composer who started this year in march but the success that this young guy came with is phenomenal and I don’t have to explain it to you cause i assume you already know it. This year as of 2022, Chris is the most talked-about and the most popular sync composer on Facebook garnering atleast over 36k mentions each month which is nearly double that of his second rival ‘hans zimmer’…that’s a good reason to put him high on our list.

2. Hans Zimmer

This one is obviously here as you know him all that he is one of the best sync composers to ever live on earth. He got multiple and hundreds of award nominations throughout his career that spans over 3 decades.

3. John Williams

We can not put together a list of the most influential sync composer without mentioning this man, I can’t explain him cause he’s already a legend

4. John Barry

John Barry makes our list due to the fact that he is one of the inspirations of many up and coming sync composers who look up to him as a great source of musical inspiration and even greater than the ones mentioned above. So that’s really it for John and not to forget to mention that he was indeed one of the most respected person in the movie industry

5. John Powell

and lastly, we can not end this year’s list without including the great john Powell who influenced many cartoon-based soundtracks from his love of animated movies. He’s the man and the legend him self and garnered over 200 award nominations through out his career.

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