10 Best Metal Drummers in the World [UPDATED 2023]

Best Metal Drummers

From our perspective, it is difficult to identify which metal drummer is the best since music is not a competition. It’s been a great year for heavy music, with many more influential metal bands getting back to the studio and delivering the albums that have been paused by the pandemic. We have selected our favorite and some of the best metal drummers from all over the globe right now who play the metal drums. Let’s get started with it:

Top 10 Best Metal Drummers in the World

1. Jay Weinberg, Slipknot

Jay Weinberg is an American musician and drummer for the heavy metal band slipknot. Throughout this category, there is a recurring theme: the difficulty of replacing one of a band’s most beloved members. He is one of the heavy metal best drummers of all time. He has played with the American punk rock band the Reveling and toured in 2009 as a drummer with Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, substituting for his father. In addition to the many other drummers on the list, Jay Weinberg accomplished this feat, and you cannot get enough of his drumming.  

2. Mario Duplantier, Gojira 

 Mario Duplantier is one of the best metal drummers that can combine accuracy with a groove in the same way. He is a French-American musician and artist best known as the drummer for progressive death metal band Gojra. He is one of the best death metal drummers. It was Covid who could not keep Gojira from being active in 2020, with the publication of the one-off single Another World. He developed an early interest in music and started his musical journey at the age of eleven. He is one of the best metal drummers ever.  

3. Alex Bent, Trivium  

 One of the best heavy metal drummers, Alex Bent is an American musician.  Even a cursory examination of Alex Bent’s record selections when we chatted with him earlier this year indicates that he is much more than just “simply a metal drummer.” He is one of the best extreme metal drummers. But it is in the playing that matters the most, and Trivium’s What the Dead Men Say is chock-full of not just technically outstanding, but also intriguing segments featuring Alex from the get-go. He is one of the heavy metal best drummers of all time.  

4. Danny Carey, Tool 

 One of the best metal drummers, Danny Carey is an American musician and songwriter. In spite of the fact that the band’s touring plans for 2020 were put on hold, Carey still found time to record The Witness, a song in honor of Jones’ iconic Gibson, which was released earlier this year. We are hopeful that Tool’s Fear Inoculum performance in 2019 was only the beginning of a time of resurgence. He has also contributed to albums by artists such as Zaum, Green Jellö, Pigface, Skinny Puppy, Adrian Belew, Carole King, Collide, Meat Puppets, Lusk, and the Melvins. He is one of the rhythm magazine best metal drummers.  

5. Mike Portnoy, Sons of Apollo 

Mike Portnoy is an American musician and songwriter who is primarily known as the former drummer, backing vocalist, and a co-founder of the progressive metal band Dream Theater. In any list of metal drummers, there would be no mention of the drummer who has persistently and prolifically pushed the genre ahead for more than three decades. He is one of the best thrash metal drummers. Mike not only returned with the Sons of Apollo this year for the release of MMXX, but he also rejoined with his old Dream Theater bandmate. He is one of the best heavy metal drummers. 

6. Charlie Engen, Five Finger Death Punch 

Charlie Engen is one of the best metal drummers of all time and is playing drums since he was 2. He used to teach drums and share videos of himself playing on social media platforms like Instagram. It was Charlie who proposed that ex-FFDP drummer Jeremy Spencer be replaced when he had back surgery. He made his recorded debut with the band on this year’s F8 and has already brought an added dimension and versatility to the band. He is one of the best modern metal drummers in the 21st century. 

7. Mike Mangini, Dream Theater 

 Mike Mangini is an American musician and songwriter best known as the current drummer of the progressive metal band Dream Theater. Even after ten years, the argument about who is the greatest Mike continues to simmer among DT supporters. That, however, is not something we are interested in. He is a true monster who established his reputation even before he joined Dream Theater’s ranks. Mangini first started playing the drums when he was two and a half years old, being inspired by Ringo Starr of The Beatles. He would practice two to four hours a day and by the time he was nine he was already mimicking Buddy Rich performances. 

8. Eloy Casagrande, Sepultura 

Eloy Casagrande is a Brazilian drummer, one of the best metal drummers and well-known for thrash metal band Sepultura and hard rock act lahweh. Taking the throne for Sepultura seems to be a difficult feat, but just look at Eloy Casagrande’s performance! Despite the fact that we believe he would be able to hold his own against pretty much anybody in the genre, he has a rhythmic vocabulary that extends well beyond the realm of metal. Casagrande began playing at age seven, when he got a toy drum from his mother. In 2004, at age 13, he was the winner of the Batuka International Drummer Fest and his musical journey began to prosper.  

9. Lars Ulrich, Metallica 

Lars Ulrich is a Danish musician and is best known as a drummer. Good old Lars has to put up with a year-long barrage of criticism over a snare drum he recorded 17 years ago, as well as people referring to him as a “metal Ringo.” Lars Ulrich, son and grandson respectively of tennis players Torben and Einer Ulrich, he played tennis in his youth and moved to Los Angeles at age 16 to train professionally. However, rather than playing tennis, Ulrich began playing drums.  His drumming style has been changed throughout his whole career and he loves to try new beats. He is one of the best metal drummers 2021.  

10. Morgan Rose, Sevendust 

Morgan Jay Rose is an American drummer, record producer and founding member of Atlanta-based rock band Sevendust. He is also responsible for much of the background unclean vocals. He has also played drums for Call Me No One and Methods of Mayhem. Rose is vice president of Imagen Records. He began his career in the early 1990s and after that he focused on drums. Not only did Morgan Rose release a new Sevendust album this year (Blood & Stone), but he also released a solo EP, Controlled Chaos, during the same period.  


So, these were some of the best drummers of all time. These guys are truly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within, and in many cases, outside of the genre. Drums are the main backbone of any composition, and a producer cannot move into complex drum programming until a basic structure and foundations are established. This blog is really amazing and inspiring for those who are into other jobs of music and are looking for someone to guide for selecting some other options in music. You can switch whenever you want in any category of music. Some of these drummers who are listed above were not drummers from the initial stage, they just grow with the flow.  

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