SoundCloud for Artists: Why is it Great for Independent Artists?


A musician has a plethora of alternatives for sharing and publishing their music, and they should make use of them. Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp are clear choices on any social media platform. On the other hand, SoundCloud for artists is a particular platform that assists musicians.

This platform has evolved from a website where individuals can share their music and build a community to a platform where people have been found and signed to record labels and other businesses. Many performers have gained notoriety as a result of their use of SoundCloud. And artists can also make money through SoundCloud.

Now, we will understand why Soundcloud is great for independent artists using five different reasons.

1. Build a Massive Follower

To have a successful and involved presence on SoundCloud, you must engage with other users, just like you would on any other social networking site. It is not enough to just put your tunes on the internet. It is simple to set up a profile on the site, and it can be completed in a matter of minutes by following a few straightforward steps.

You must first establish a user base. One of the features that have helped the site become so popular is the ability for users to comment on music that has been uploaded and add “Timed comments,” which give input at a specified time in the song.

2. Allow Users to Download Songs

Even though musicians provide free digital copies of all their songs to online users while earning money from other sources, this is far from the norm. But that’s not to suggest that giving your supporters a freebie now and then isn’t a good idea in certain circumstances.

While the vast majority of songs on SoundCloud for artists are streamed, you may also make them available for download if you do want to.

3. Learn About Your Audience

This is best suited for artists who have already been active on the site for some time and have amassed many loyal followers. Upgrading to a premium account, which requires a monthly fee, gives you access to detailed statistics about your page and your audience, such as play counts, download counts, listener location information, and who your listeners are, among other things.

This information may be utilized to determine who you are now reaching with your music and who you need to reach out to in the future, and it can be a powerful tool for growing an already large fan base.

4. Smartphone Applications are Available

Various new audio and music streaming applications, including Soundcloud, reached a bigger audience and reaped higher benefits. SoundCloud for artists is one of the largest music streaming platforms. In addition to the web, it is also available on the iPhone app and Android app in addition to the web.

You can’t produce music with apps like commenting or things like these, but everything else is there. You can easily listen to your favorite tracks and find new music to listen to, share, and follow your friends.

5. Not Just for Indie Bands

It is not just for finding music, it is also lined-up with many highly impressive bands. This growth of the music streaming industry has made many Startups; entrepreneurs plan to build an audio streaming app. And made them capable of competing among the industry’s top leaders to enjoy the limelight and other advantages.

It has licensing deals with many recording studios, including Universal Music and Warner Bros. Popular artists such as Adele, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and many more stream for free.

Make Money from Your Music on SoundCloud

Wondering how to monetize SoundCloud? To start making money on SoundCloud for artists, you need to subscribe to SoundCloud Pro. Like several music streaming platforms, selling your music on SoundCloud is beneficial for good exposure. It will keep a share of the revenues from your sales of music. SoundCloud artists who monetize with SoundCloud Premier receive a 55% net revenue. This means that for every song you upload or own the rights to, you will earn a 55% share of the profit on your SoundCloud artist account, while SoundCloud will keep a 45% cut. Does SoundCloud cost money? Yes, there is no monetization for free on this platform. Sign up for a pro account to take advantage of this platform.

How much you get paid will depend on how much SoundCloud makes from advertising and subscriptions, as it’s these schemes that fund the SoundCloud Premier program. SoundCloud’s future depends on your performance. If SoundCloud doesn’t perform well and their income dips, so will yours.

Wondering how much money can you make on this platform? Your income on SoundCloud depends on more than just your plays, so it’s hard to determine how much money you’ll make based on streams alone.

Your revenue will depend on SoundCloud’s performance each month regarding advertising and membership subscription, rather than how many times your track is played. Whether people engage with the ads on SoundCloud will affect how much you earn, which means your revenue can fluctuate.

How Does SoundCloud Make Money?

You may be wondering how SoundCloud makes money. It works on a freemium basis, meaning its core streaming is available free of charge to its users. SoundCloud’s performance and revenue will directly affect your income; it’s worth knowing how the platform makes its money.

If people can listen to your music for free, you might wonder what the source of income is. Do you know how does SoundCloud works? The SoundCloud Premier programme is funded by advertising and premium features, meaning that – although fans can access your music for free – the platform can still make a profit and pay you revenue on your songs.

Also, features like SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Pro Unlimited require a subscription fee. The income generated from this and collaborations with big companies and brands helps run ad campaigns. It also turns over a profit for SoundCloud and pays artists who upload tracks to the site.

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