What is Otacore Music? A Clear Explanation in 2023

What is Otacore Music

What is Otacore Music?

Otacore Music Definition: Otacore is a name mentioned by the Every Noise at Once project in conjunction with Spotify to describe music with heavy origin or basis in fan communities, such as anime. Otacore is short for “Otaku Core.”

Otacore is a Japanese music genre heavily influenced by Japanese anime culture. It is a short form of the Japanese word “Otaku,” which roughly translates to a “geek” with consuming interests in anime. The music term “core” is used as a label for any hardcore music.

For over the last few years, many music enthusiasts around the internet have been confused as to what Otacore means. The main reason is that Spotify added it as a specific genre to describe certain anime music. The genre showed up the Japanese artist on Spotify at the top of the end-of-year Spotify Wrapped summary for many anime fans. You can also get your lyrics on Spotify to attract your audience.

What does Otacore sound like?

Otacore sounds like pop and electronic music genres commonly associated with anime. It is quite a loose genre, encompassing a specific area of interest rather than a particular musical style.


“Otaku” is a Japanese word that describes people with an obsessive interest in animal culture. The English word “geek” would have similar meaning, but the word Otaku goes a step further to describe one that has consuming interests in these areas. Therefore, the Otacore genre can be considered a derogatory term in Japan, with negative connotations and sound offensive to people. However, its purposes are far minimum than negative outside of Japan, where anime nerds can be more likely to self-identify as an Otaku. ‘Toku’ is a Japanese word for someone deeply interested in animal culture. Otaku describes someone whose interests are consumed by these areas beyond what is considered a “geek.”

Otaku includes different anime or anime music genres of Japanese genres of music spotted and showcased on Spotify. Due to its negative connotation and possible offenses, this term can be considered derogatory in Japan. Otaku is more likely to be a self-identified group outside of Japan, whereas anime nerds are less likely to perceive it negatively.


“Core” can be used as a label at the end of any hardcore music genre. Although it is often used in metal music, a specific genre is associated with anime culture—the Nightcore. The name otacore may have been inspired by Nightcore, but the sounds of these genres are very different.

The term core can be a slightly misleading label because there are many artists within the otacore scene whose music is not classed heavy.

The term “core” can be used to describe hardcore music.

Nightcore connects anime culture with metal music, although both are often regarded as genres. While the terms in these genres may have influenced each other, their sounds are not the same.

Many Sitecore artists produce music that doesn’t fit into the core scene’s classification as heavy.

Otacore is heavily influenced by Japanese anime culture. It refers to hardcore music and the Japanese term “geek,” as it is short for “Otaku” and “core.”

For the past few years, music enthusiasts have been confused about precisely what Otacore is. This year’s Spotify Wrapped; anime music emerged as the number one genre for many anime fans because it is exclusive to anime.

History Of Otacore Music

Every noise once created the Otacore music genre. Spotify currently owns this label for Developers. It uses Spotify users’ listened song information and Spotify algorithms to narrow down the music genres you like and suggest the closest genres of songs. Every Shore is an acoustic map of 1300+ world music genres to view and listen to music in detail all at once.

Music can be classified into genres in several ways, such as widespread art music, religious and secular music, etc. Since music is an artistic medium, these categories are often subjective and debatable, and some genres may overlap. So, there are over 1300 styles, and Otakor is one of them.

What Type of Music Is Otacore Music?

From the construction meaning of the word otacore, you can only classify it as a Japanese anime song. This may have been true in the early iteration of the genre. But for that, we have a different style, which is night core. Otacore is not a distinct genre like pop, rock, hip hop, metal, or classical music. According to Urban Dictionary, it is defined as “A music genre that has a heavy origin or base in fan communities, such as for anime. A large proportion of this genre is made up of J-pop.”

But if we look at the best Spotify playlist: The Sound of Otakor, Otakor isn’t a music genre. It can be songs from lo-fi beats, but it can also be rock or metal music. Music from video games, anime, TV shows, and commercials is OK to fall into this category.

This variety of song styles is Otacore music which mainly focuses on anime, movies, or series. The song will also take on a different touch based on the various scenes and characters.

What genre is anime music?

Anime is not just an animation style, but it is a rich and exciting world of storytelling. It is probably a futuristic city where humans clash with titans get to see the adventures of a teen wizard… an anime that means action, fantasy, supernatural elements, comedy, or romance. Still, it’s far more sophisticated than the usual kids’ morning cartoons.

Anime fans know that music plays a significant role in heightening the drama. Here’s where Otacore comes along. While the vast sonic landscape of anime music is no secret in Japan, it is now spreading faster than before to millions of new fans globally. Also, the algorithm says the no. of streaming that it is gaining over time has gone uncountable. And these streaming numbers prove people are obsessed with knowing anime genre meanings. As a result, the adults and teens who love anime are now streaming Japanese music and culture, which is an excellent Otacore example.

Today, J-Pop (Japanese pop) and J-Rock (Japanese rock) are now popular Music genres of Otacore worldwide. Thanks to the international explosion of anime, a song like “Red Swan,” the sweeping opening theme of Attack on Titan season three, finds an audience far beyond Japan. There are several Otacore songs by Otacore artists and Otacore bands making names in the Otaku Music industry and paving the way into international music platforms.

Otacore Music Artists

Some of the Otacore music artists who contribute to Spotify are:

  • Linked Horizon
  • Upgrade Now
  • Neo Tokyo
  • Steven Universe
  • Ken Ashcorp
  • Jeff Williams

From the above discussion, I hope you got the meaning of Otacore. It is confusing to categorize music as it can come in many genres. Tell me about your favorite Otacore songs.

Wrap up

Considering how hard it is to categorize music, the genre’s name is confusing. Again, this genre illustrates that ordering music is a challenging endeavor for learners and music enthusiasts. That’s what we hope Otacore represents.

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