What is a Music PR ? How to Find the Right Music PR Company?

What is a Music PR ? How to Find the Right Music PR Company?

What is a Music PR?

Music PR is a form of promotion for the artist’s music, tours, or artist brand in general, that generates attention. You may be wondering, “What is a music PR company, and why do I need one? What does a music PR company do?”   

We understand that most musicians don’t get into the music industry with a passion for business or public relations but generating media interest in your music is essential for success. That’s why so many musicians reach out to a music pr company in India: they will help you get more exposure and better traction online.   

Wondering what a music PR company is? A music PR company works to get exposure for a band’s music through interviews, album reviews, news relays, press releases, tour announcements, radio airplay, and everything in between.   

You need a music PR company to handle your publicity because competition is tough, and it’s all about the survival of the most excellent. One of the best ways to run a successful promotion campaign is by having a professional music pr company to promote your music. Now, the question arises, when is the right time to hire a music pr company for the first time? 

Should You Hire a Music PR Company? 6 Signs It’s Time to Bring in the Experts for Your Music PR  

6 signs its time to bring your press release

1. You have Clearly defined your goals: 

If you plan to hire an online PR company for your music, you need to define your goals in the right direction. Setting goals can be challenging as you’re always going to think your music deserves to be covered in every publication worldwide.  

 But be realistic in this process. If you struggle to accomplish your targets, look at comparable artists to yourself and see what sort of coverage they’re achieving and set that as your short-term goal. Then, you can look at your inspirations and see what range they have, and you can put those as your ultimate goals.   

2. You have already created a buzz of your own: 

If you feel that you have successfully captured an audience already by yourself, it may be time for you to outsource, to help you tell the story of how you’ve been able to generate so much of a buzz on your own.   

Make sure you’ve also started to create that buzz on your social media platforms; you’ve got a website and even started an email newsletter. Although, if you are talented and want to get more media coverage, you can always reach out to one of the best pr companies in India.   

3. You have a Budget:

 Always make a budget before hiring any of the music pr companies. If you end up taking out a loan to pay for the music promotion and then don’t get the results you hoped for, it will be disheartening and mean you’re in debt for something that may not have been worth the investment.   

However, a reputable music pr agency cannot guarantee anything but will work hard to craft your story and image to represent you to the media and accumulate press. Be patient and respectful to your team, and they’ll be working their hardest to help you grow in return.  

4. You feel confident about the project: 

You’ve just heard your final mixes back, and they sound amazing but are not getting enough exposure, and they’ve only come back with average results – time to outsource.    

Be critical. Make sure you’ve picked apart your release to a point where you’ve had it on repeat for hours and hours. You want to give your audience the best possible product, so make sure it’s at its highest quality production-wise as well as a representative of how you wish to come across as an artist in the long run.   

5. You have enough time: 

Once you’ve hired one of the best pr companies in India, this doesn’t mean you can throw everything onto them and put your feet up. When hiring a music PR company, you need to be at their beck and call to secure the best results for yourself.   

If they get you an interview, get those answers back as quickly as possible. If they ask for social media content, collaborate with them. Be available to them, so you can achieve the results your release deserves and make their job as easy as possible. PR is not a marathon or a sprint; it takes months to get the desired results from the campaigns.   

6. You have found the right music pr company:

 You’ve followed all the tips above, and you think it’s the right time to hire a music promotion team, but which one do you pick? Finding the right one can be a daunting experience as there are so many out there and more than a handful of horror stories too, but if you do your research and consider a few things, you’ll find the right agency for you.  

Wondering which qualities to look out for in a music pr company? We have got it covered for you.   

Essential Things to Consider Before You Hire a Music PR Company  

So, here are some things that you need to keep in mind before you hire a music PR company:  

  • Perfect fit for your genre of music: The first thing you need to ensure in a digital music pr agency is that the PR agency should be an ideal fit for your genre of music. This is essential because one that aligns with your niche will have the right experience in niche-based music marketing, industry contacts, and media relationships necessary to take your brand ahead.  
  • Track Record of a music pr company: Another essential thing you cannot overlook is the firm’s track record. Go through their history right from the origins of the company and find out the number of campaigns they have driven successfully throughout the years. The best place to start looking is their website & their reviews online.   
  • Know their client lists: A good look at their client list is required to see the level of bands and artists they have promoted during their industry presence. Whether they have run campaigns for new artists or established bands is something you should consider to get one of the top music pr companies. Pick someone who has the right experience and strategy.   
  • Understand the work approach: Music PR is a broad field today, and you would require a partner that has every aspect covered, from managing interviews and events, press releases, media announcements, social media presence, playlist submissions, and more. You need to find someone who will take care of all these requirements. Take time to understand the work approach of a prospective PR partner.    
  • Value for money: The cost is another parameter that you should consider while hiring any music pr company. When you decide, consider the value that their services might fetch vis-à-vis the expense of hiring them. After all, the cost of the campaign will be worthy enough if they can get you high sales and revenues.   

Choosing the right PR partner needs due attention because it can make or break your career. There are many benefits of press release for a musician. Whether you look for one of the indie music pr companies or genre-specific ones like rock music pr companies, it is recommended that you choose someone with the right approach and right contacts that can help you open new opportunities for taking your music brand to the top.   

To make your research easy in the musical journey, we have listed some of the best music PR companies in 2022:   

Top 10 Music PR Companies 2022 and are Really Worth it!  

1. Omari’s Organic Promotion

Omaris Organic Promotion

 It has affiliates working round the clock that are always ready to help you. Omari does everything, including promos on platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud. They also manage press releases and are incredibly transparent with their clients.   

2. Playlight Push

Playlight Push

Playlist push is another prominent name in this game of promotion services. They are an extremely efficient and viable option for music artists that are primarily focused on Spotify streams. They can handle YouTube promotion as well, but considering their success, Spotify is their major.  

3. Starlight PR

Starlight PR

This company is a little more accomplished, and their past clients include some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Post Malone and Cardi B. In starting packages, they promise to provide you with at least seven blog placements, a press release, and a guaranteed interview spot with an influential publication that can uplift your career instantly.

4. Planetary Group

Planetary Group

Planetary group is another huge name in the promotion business. Their packages for indie artists like you and are also excellent and very cost-efficient. You have surely heard of them before, representing artists such as Katy Perry and Kings of Leon. They have had remarkable success promoting and creating future stars in the world of music.   

5. Playlist-promotion

Playlist promotion

 As the name indicates, it focuses primarily on sharing your playlist and making it blow up with fame. Even on the international scale, they are good at promoting because the band under discussion is US-based, but the playlists were also found in the international playlists category.  

6. Independent Music Promotions

Independent Music Promotions

IMP is one of the name-brand promotions and aims to focus on the “music with depth” meaning that they are more inclined towards music that holds a deep meaning instead of mumbling rap. They offer targeted advertising on Pinterest and Reddit. Also, they drive new listeners directly to your music on Spotify, Youtube, etc.     

7. Pressed PR

Pressed PR

It helps to elevate your brand through media placements, experiences, collaborations, and more. They work on various campaigns (big and small) for independent musicians, labels, filmmakers, and creative businesses. Their clientele ranges from indie artists just starting to major celebrity artists with millions of fans.  

8. YouGrow


After analyzing your music, they strive to land the best fitting playlists in their network to make sure that your music gets heard by the targeted audience. Also, they help in taking your YouTube channel to new heights with targeted views to your channel. They work with a trusted network of curators to promote your music via successful playlist placements.   

9. Behind the Curtains Media

Behind the Curtains Media

Behind the Curtains Media is another major promotion that has had massive success in the industry with its work. They have promoted many famous artists and are looking for more and more aspiring geniuses. Their services include everything from promotion on platforms such as Spotify, blogs, radio, and more customized services.   

10. Daimoon Media

Daimoon Media

They has a solid reach in Spotify playlists& Soundcloud reposts. They reach up to around 10 million for SoundCloud reposts and approximately 500,000 for Spotify playlist followers. The bigger the campaign, the more Spotify/SoundCloud and its algorithm will generate additional streams through Discover Weekly & Release Radar!   


Now you know what music PR is and how it will help you to succeed. We have also listed above some of the top music promotion services that can help you kick start your music career also provide you a significant boost. These companies vary in their rates and services and have flexibility, so you have ample options to pick from if you want to make a name for yourself in the music industry. The only way to be effective with your music promotion is to set realistic goals that build on each other to give you a clear growth path.   

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