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Website for Music Artists

In this space, we talk specifically about how a website for music artists is an all-purpose platform to strengthen the digital presence of any musician. To give you an overview, we talk mainly about:

Let us start with the basics, before heading to the concerned matter.

What is a Website?

Technically speaking, is a set of web pages on the internet (world wide web) containing specific information mapped on a domain. Website for a music artist is a corner of the internet, which is your own stage. We hope you understand that the website provides a permanent home address to your music and your music career, it is a resume of your past gigs and index of future.

You ask why is a website important for a music artist?

Why is a Website For Music Artist Necessary?

You may be a DJ, an instrumentalist, a music band, an EDM producer or a solo artist, with fans waiting to be bedazzled. With competition soaring high, social networking just isn’t enough to promote yourself and your music journey anymore. A well-planned-designed website is imperative to you as a music artist from any genre or field.

What are the Importance of a website for music artists?

Not to mention, having a website of your own makes you look professional and serious about your career, as it enhances your credibility score. Music industry professionals expect to find you there. Not just them, venue bookers, festival owners, and organizers, promoters, and even media, when hearing about you and go searching, they’ll land at your home address and be on the receiving end of an unparalleled experience that is designed and desired by you.

A survey conducted found that a music artist with a website of his/her own is preferred in the music industry than the one without. Therefore, a website separates you from the rest; it is convenient and most importantly your OWN.

It helps you engage with new fans and connect with old ones, allowing your fans, at the same time, to stay up to date with your latest updates.

Let us now discuss, how does a website help a musician?

How Is A Website Helpful To Musicians?

1. A website helps you rank better on Google. It also aids in being easily searchable and pop-up in local searches.

For example, if you’re a DJ based out of Mumbai, a well optimized website with SEO for music artists makes sure that you appear in the searches with a good rank and Google impression. So, if someone is looking for DJs in Mumbai, your name will be among the top results. It basically, enhances your online visibility to a niche audience.

2. Dissimilar to social media platforms, you can set up mailing lists, as well as keep all contact information private. Social media owns the database of fans, and there’s no way to allocate it to a different platform. It can restrict how many fans see your updates (Facebook), or when it will disappear completely (MySpace).

“Email marketing is 40 times as effective as Facebook and Twitter combined” — McKinsey & Company study.

3. Websites are ever-evolving according to your taste.

For example, WordPress; it offers comprehensive website insights along with Google Analytics, a seamless way to monitor your traffic and improve your overall site.

4. If you sell music or merchandise, having your own website is even more beneficial. It lets you to give your fans a seamless buying experience.

For example, if you’re selling your music or merch via some third party-controlled platform then the cost of the middleman has to be borne by you or your fans. On the contrary, if you sell your services via your website, you save on the cut of the third-party platforms selling your music.

5. Having a website also makes receiving money easy and seamless with integrated payment gateways.

For example, receiving money will become easy when you sell your merch/music through your website. You will have access to sale/purchase statements directly.

6. Similarly, it can be used in varied ways to promote yourself.

For example, to run a personal blog to create boundless content, as we all know that content is the king, apt linking to social networking handles enable retargeting of traffic to your website, to have people come back again for more! Also efficient in running online campaigns.

7. Likewise, your website acts as the epicenter of your online presence.

For example, you shouldn’t need to direct them to Soundcloud or any other music forum for your music. You can host all your music and videos (BTS videos as well as music videos) on your site.

Listed below are on-point benefits of having a website as a musician.

What Are The Benefits Of A Website For Music Artists?


    Your website works as a digital brochure or digital resume. Additionally, any prospect who is trying to get more information about you, your music services, before contacting can check your music culture to get affirmative why would you be the right choice for them. It’s a one-stop destination for everything that’s YOU.

    As mentioned above, having a website contributes toward the trustworthiness or credibility of a music artist. It depicts transparent and professional seriousness that you have towards your music career. Having your own site makes you look pro, meaning, you’re more dependable, genuinely talented, and of more interest to whoever is visiting your site.

    Billions of people use internet and smart phones today. The best path to be at their finger-reach is digital marketing. Read in detail HERE.

    As mentioned above, a website is a permanent, 24×7 address for you to engage and interact with your fans and prospective receivers of your services. It is a nexus for organizing all your music data, information about your gigs and engagements, fundamentally, your entire artist profile. Content management and music blogging open a pathway to reach a wider audience with the latest updates through online presence. Along with that, if someone wants to find out when and where you’re performing next, buy your new album, or know more about you, they should be able to find all of this on your website.

    Brand Awareness – Furthermore, you control the experience your music culture wants to offer through your website. You control what your fans see, and when they see it. It lets you showcase your music as a brand and your true music persona. No sudden changes, no ads or interruptions, and of course, no limit to design and functionality.

    Brand Protection – Registering your domain, and having a hosting of your own helps to ensure that you are protecting your brand, that is you. Although it doesn’t offer you full legal protection, for that you would need to register a trademark or copyright, but it is undoubtedly an important step in the right direction that several artists overlook.

Now you must be wondering about the cost involved in having a website of your own.

How Much Of Cost is Involved In Building A Website for the Musician?

Talking about capital; building a customized website is not as expensive as it is generally believed.

Platforms such as WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy, offer splendid templates for free. These templates are fairly easy to work upon, that means you can make your own website effortlessly. All you need to spend money on is your domain name and your website hosting. And, you’re done.

As you own your .com address, and as long as you keep renewing it, it will always point to your website. Even if you switch hosts of your website, you can take your domain with you. So, your fans and the music industry will always be able to find you.

Don’t believe us? Believe the stats!

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What Should An Artist Website Have?

Firstly, appearance wise, a unique and memorable domain name which is attractive, catchy, and serves your purpose at the same time is mandatory.

A clear description of the artist in the designated section, his work profiles in details, index of his gigs (both past and upcoming gigs). Of course, your contact info should be easily accessible and visible. Equally important is having even a basic calendar-view of the upcoming gigs makes your website look sorted and adds value.

A gallery of all your images (in hi-res. of course) is required. A separate gallery for your videos is also needed.

Fan testimonials (if any), not just fans, but also testimonials from contemporary artists, basically, all who work with/for you, yields weight to your site.

Additionally, if you write, compose, or want to give out music tutorials for upcoming music artist, go ahead and put them all up on your website. All of this acts as great content. Further, links to all your social media channels embedded on your website is a must.

Secondly, feature-wise, most important will be to host your website on a secure hosting. A well SEO-optimized platform helps you rank better and appear instantly in searches. Google analytics enabled tracking of traffic is also like that.

Furthermore, your website should be easily navigable and user-interface friendly. That is, everyone should find updates on you or anything they are looking at on your website, very quickly.

Today, billions of people are using smartphones, besides desktops and laptops, to access the internet throughout the day. Thus, it is imperative to have a website which is mobile-interface friendly and cross-browser responsive.

Appy pie’s website builder is one such website building tool that can help you create your own website without any coding skills.

Last but not least, a feedback section for sentiment analysis is also recommended.

We understand you better!

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A professional website has a lot to do with design and development. Thus, we suggest that you get yours customized by an expert like us. We plan, design, develop, maintain, and market websites for music artists at nominal and the best of market prices.


Therefore, rightfully concluding that, while social media is, without doubt, a vital tool for marketing your music and engaging fans, your website is your nexus where everything comes together. On the whole, investing in a website is an investment in yourself and your music career. Therefore you need to be very careful when you choose your domain name, hosting, and the overall design of the website.

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