Turntables from the 90s to the 21st century

It is important for any beginner DJ to know about the DJing instrument and every version of turntables launched in the last 50 years.


Type of turntables:

1. Analog Turntables

Turntable Analog is beautiful and amazing both in its simplicity and appearance. The plug n’ play design of analog turntables eliminates the need to adjust an anti-skating or counterweight while providing superb sound quality and performance. DJs Uses analog sources to playback music from (vinyl Records), popular brands – Technics, Pioneer DJ

Analog Turntables

2. Digital Turntables

Digital turntables are mainly used by disc jockeys (DJs) and live set performers who orchestrate prerecorded music for events and parties. The devices are CD and USB players that have a slip pad disc like an analog turntable or a platter. DJs Uses digital source to playback music from (CD’s, Flash drives, USB), Popular brands – Pioneer DJ, Denon DJs

Digital Turntables 1024x512 1

Versions of Turntables

Old / Discontinued

Entry Level Turntables-

1. CDJ 100s

(Released in 1998)

The CDJ-100S console has a built-in Digital Jog Break feature that gives awesome three different remix assisting buttons. The Jog Wheel in the CDJ 100s deck allows you to slow down and speed up songs and fine-tune all the cue points in the deck.

CDJ 100S 1024x512 1

Our CDJ-100S also features a Playing Address bar graph which shows the remaining and elapsed playing time of a song. When the track is about to finish, it flashes as a warning notification.

This entry-level deck CDJ 100s is ideal for bedroom DJs and beginner artists keen to experience the possibilities of CD play-out technology.

2. CDJ 200

(Released in 2004)

This CDJ 200 is a compact player which has some great innovative features and functions such as looping, full-function MP3 playback, and a unique one-button Beat Cutter.

But CDJ-200 always shines through to the outside. Our CDJ-200 has a stunning design, dynamic – the unit has a robust design and is a portable unit. This ensures that the deck will work with both mobile and home disc jockey, clubs, bars and other installations with limited space venues.

CDJ 200 1024x512 1

3. CDJ 400

(Released in 2007)

The CDJ-400 is an affordable, flexible performance player console for club disc jockey show and live set performers to use at home.

The CDJ-400 allows and gives access to you to play your MP3 collection off CD-R/RW discs as well as music from mass storage USB devices, such as USB keys, external hard drives, and portable media devices.

The CDJ 400 also gives new three amazing creative scratch effects, with the world’s first Scratch Jog Effects functions, and an amazing new Loop Divide function in the deck.

CDJ 400 1024x512 1

Middle Level Turntables-

1. CDJ 800

(Released in 2002)

The CDJ-800 is designed on t the company’s acclaimed new Jog Wheel technology. In response to multiple feedback from the pro-DJ community from around the world, Pioneer has also added many new unique features:

Quick Return without re-cueing every time, Scratch the same sound repeatedly.

Auto Beat Loop

DJs can make a perfect sounding 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, or full bar (1/1) beat loop instantly, just by touching the right button on the deck.

“Wide” Pitch Control

Create new BPM and sound effects that match completely different tracks.

One button touch release

You can easily Adjust Jog Wheel sensitivity to suit new individual DJing styles.

Digital Out

Ensure digital purity and functionality in hi-tech environments

CDJ 800 1024x512 1

2. CDJ 800 MARK 2

(Released in 2006)

With smooth handling and performance, the new second-generation CDJ-800s is best tailored with outstanding and amazing features to create the best creativity from the digital revolution.

The MK2s gives an awesome convenient MP3 compatibility, a folder search facility, and an improved jog wheel function. They provide you with access to create, manipulate and cut loops live using the new function of the auto beat loop command of CDJ-800 and provide some extra storage for storing cue/loop points in the console.

Made of solid steel-designed buttons, CDJ-800 is brighter, smoother, clearer displays of data in the deck; it offers freedom, power, and control for live performance.

CDJ 800 MARK 2 1024x512 1

Top/ Flagship Level-

1. CDJ 1000

(Released in 2003)

Pioneer’s CDJ-1000 came with significant upgrades and a new way to play with CDs, just like a vinyl console, in that you can stop the digital sound with your fingers and cue up in exactly the same way. Close communication and research with professional DJ’s have provided Pioneer with the challenge and innovation to develop the first-ever digital deck to feature such integrally analogue features in a purely digital environment.

The CDJ-1000 is changing the era of Djing – inspiring and stimulating the DJ to be more creative behind the consoles, providing you with more funky and amazing features to play and improve creativity, use and experiment with.

CDJ 1000 1024x512 1

2. CDJ 1000 MARK 2

(Released in 2003)

The Pioneer CDJ-1000 digital deck is aggressively taking over the electronic music industry by storm. With the awesome feel and dope performance of vinyl at their fingertips, professional DJs and live artists insist on using this world-famous unit to play out in the coolest clubs and music festivals around the globe.

CDJ 1000 MARK 2 1024x512 1

3. CDJ 1000 MARK 3

(Released in 2006)

Equipped fully for the future of digital DJing and scratching, inspired by the input and feedback of world-famous DJs, the awesome CDJ-1000MK3 combines with crazy features and controls.

Combining with smooth MP3 compatibility, a fast folder search function helps in smooth performance, enhanced functioning of track/wave data, and improved jog wheel controls with adjustable traction, these CDJ 1000 MK3s are designed to provide the craziest digital DJing experience.

CDJ 1000 MARK 3 1024x512 1

New/Rekordbox Compatible

Entry Level –

1. CDJ 350

(Released in 2010)

The entry-level pioneer CDJ-350 has many features from our pro-DJ decks, making it a perfect machine for professional-sounding DJ sets. You can start playing from USB and CDs devices, or directly connect to your computer/laptop for plug-and-play control of compatible DJ software like rekordbox.

CDJ 350 1024x512 1

2. XDJ 700

(Released in 2015)

The pioneer XDJ-700 console comes with the amazing latest touchscreen feature, a familiar club layout and it inherits multiple features from its big version, the XDJ-1000. Its optimal size and removable stand offer handy set-up possibilities for even the smallest booth or home set-up booth.

XDJ 700 1024x512 1

Middle Level –

1. CDJ 850

(Released in 2011)

The CDJ-850 builds on the dynamics of its older version, the pioneer CDJ-800MK2adds some serious enhancements. With its full-sized versatile jog wheels, amazing large screen, and pro-DJ features, it feels and properly functions like a pioneer CDJ-900NXS or pioneer CDJ-2000NXS – without the top-flight price tag. The pioneer CDJ-850 is rekordbox -ready console or you can use its USB-HID digital interface to control the DJ software of your choice.

CDJ 850 1024x512 1

2. XDJ 1000

(Released in 2014)

Pioneer’s first digitally designed rekordbox player, the pioneer XDJ-1000 has an amazing multiple color touch screen, a familiar easy to use club layout, and a host of pro-DJ performance features and functions – everything at an affordable price. You can use the free rekordbox™ software that works fluently to manage and prepare your own music playlist for live shows – adding multiple loops, cues, and more.

XDJ 1000 1024x512 1

3. XDJ 1000 Mark 2

(Released in 2016)

Based on its old version, the XDJ-1000MK2 pioneer console upgraded usability through the most advanced track browsing feature and awesome support for high-resolution ALAC and FLAC audio music files. It takes the massive jog wheel in the console and an awesome 7-inch, full-color LCD touch screen same as the pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 console.

XDJ 1000 Mark 2 1024x512 1

4. CDJ 900

(Released in 2009)

CDJ 900 is an amazing pioneer DJ console having many shared features. you can play it from many different audio sources like USB, CD audio storage devices. CDEJ900 comes with an amazing music database management software known as Pioneer rekordbox™

CDJ 900 1024x512 1

5. CDJ 900 Nexus

(Released in 2009)

CDJ 900NXS launched on the success of his older model CDJ-900. it came with the latest technology with an amazing LCD screen for better and smooth performance., beat divide, four-deck beat sync, and plus feature to play music from mobile. CDJ-900NXS has a very high-resolution screen which allows DJs to see the instant view of Wavs of audios on screen and give the ability and features to view and edit beat grid in Rekordbox.

CDJ 900 Nexus 1024x512 1

Top / Flagship

1. CDJ 2000

(Released in 2009)

CDJ-2000 comes with the latest technology and can play music from many sources like CD, USB, DVD storages devices, and other devices like memory cards. Rekordbox which comes with CDJ-2000 comes with an amazing music database management feature based on prepare and perform concepts, helps DJs to work smoothly during tours

CDJ 2000 1024x512 1

2. CDJ 2000 Nexus

(Released in 2012)

CDJ -2000NXS with many advanced features open doors to epic performances like Slip Mode, 4-deck Beat Sync, and Hot Cue Auto Load. it includes amazing music database management software: Rekordbox. to prepare amazing sets and perform like a pro.

CDJ 2000 Nexus 1024x512 1

3. CDJ 2000 Nexus 2

(Released in 2016)

CDJ-2000NXS2 comes with many amazing features from its older version: the CDJ-2000NXS, as in CDJ-2000NXS2, have many amazing features such as a multicolour touch screen, search filters to select your songs, qwerty keyboards, Hot ques give you crazy creativity freedom, etc.

CDJ 2000 Nexus 2 1024x512 1

4. CDJ Nexus 3000

(Released in 2020)

CDJ-3000, the latest version of the pioneer CDJ series, is packed with new MPU, specially developed high-quality components, and innovative functions with. The Micro processing unit, delivers stable performance and new advanced features with an awesome overall DJ experience.

CDJ Nexus 3000 1024x512 1

All in one CDJs by Pioneer DJ


(Released in 2018)

XDJ-RR all-in-one DJ system comes with next-level performance functions. It is inspired by the pioneer’s other version, NXS2 multiplayer, which is packed in a single machine. It will help you get easy with club-standard machines and improves your skills to a considerable extent.

XDJ RR 1024x512 1

2. XDJ RX2

(Released in 2017)

XDJ- RX2 is a higher version of XDJ-RX. comes with amazing features from pioneers’ flagship NX2 series. This all-in-one system with 2deck, 2 channels delivers a professional DJ experience. You can use it with a laptop and USB both.

XDJ RX2 1024x512 1


(Released in 2020)

DDJ-RZ is Pioneer’s first professional DJ controller, giving you amazing features to prepare your playlist with multiple genre tracks in Rekordbox. Then you can get plug and play performance from your laptop. DDJ-RZ has club standard two USB sound cards, a magnetic crossfader, and the new Oscillator Sampler, making it a fantastic performer for live shows.

XDJ RZ 1 1024x512 1

These are all the major versions upgrades of Pioneer from ’90s to 2021. The journey of upgradation from the basic controller to advance CDJs is amazing. Other than this, DJs are unconventional musicians. A party is complete without a DJ as they are an integral part of it, they are the ones who set up the mood on the dance floor, that’s the common quality of a DJ. Many DJs whohave changed the art of Djing and made an international thing. Let’s see, what new unique features we will going to see in future by Pioneer.]

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