10 Strategies to Release Music in 2023

When big and independent musicians started rereleasing music in 2020, they concentrated their promotional efforts on video material for social media, brand collaborations, and live streaming. When the epidemic began in early 2020, the situation was still uncertain, and several record releases were postponed as a result. This blog will know the music release strategy and the best time to release music.


Artists and labels started releasing singles and LPs to get the momentum going. As a result, relationships and involvement between fans and artists have become more important. If you are a beginner in music-making and want to know about new release music in 2023, then you should go through our guide.

We will list the best music release strategies you could use in 2023 without going through any hassle!

10 Best Ways to Release Music

1. Music Is Your Business – Treat It Like One

We should get your mindset firmly in the right place before you do anything connected with promoting your music and releasing yourself to a clueless public.

They call it the music business for a reason, and we should be clear – it is a business, no matter what your creative desires. Assuming you need to make your accounts and circulate them open only for creative respectability, you should do just that.

However, on the off chance that you are searching for additional, as in ‘making your living doing the thing you love’ sort of more, then, at that point, you need to move toward your whole undertaking as a business. Each move that you take needs to be carefully thought out.

2. Single Release Strategy (Create your Song)

Singles are more cost-effective and time-efficient to produce, and the releasing procedure is more flexible. Latest Album releases and EPs take a long time to record, produce, and distribute because of the work involved. They are also more expensive, and they need much preparation.

An individual single might serve as a preview of your upcoming album, or it can serve as a stand-alone effort. You may be trying out a new style when it comes to the latter.

3. Sign up for a music distributor

There are so many different music distributors, each with pros and cons. You can choose your preferred music distributor to ease your work. We recommend doing your research to see which music distributor works for you. Suppose you sign up your single for distribution to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and other digital music platforms. You should know that good distribution is about much more than pushing digital files from one place to another. This is the best music release strategy.

4. Produce Music & Live Videos on Social Media

When it comes to engagement, video is undoubtedly the most successful media since people are drawn to visually stimulating material! Furthermore, YouTube, the world’s largest video platform, is a great search engine for locating music; therefore, your music should most likely be available on the site.

5. Produce Good Quality Social Media Videos

Suppose you have already generated some of the long-form films discussed above. In that case, it is fantastic because you can utilize them to create short-form, 15-second videos using the information you have gathered. 15-second videos are ideal for sharing on social media platforms such as Instagram Stories and TikTok.

It is possible to turn your followers into fans by posting short-form videos on your Instagram Stories account. Stories on Instagram are a terrific way to start a dialogue with your followers, so posting your films on Instagram stories may be a fun and different method to showcase yourself as an artist to your fans.

Live videos are a terrific way to increase interaction on Instagram Stories, and they are also an excellent way to pique people’s interest in your music and you as a person and your brand.

6. Playlist your Releases for your New Fans

Playlisting is a vital element of the post-release strategy and should not be overlooked. Playlists are an excellent method of reaching out to more listeners and gaining more admirers. On the other hand, not every playlist will be beneficial for you.

Playlists are more than simply a means of increasing money; they are also a means of discovering new fans interested in the style of music you release. If you are a producer of electronic music, it is unlikely that you will benefit from being included on a jazz song playlist.

However, even if you successfully get your music included on a jazz playlist, the listeners there will likely just play your music once or twice before moving on to something else. As a result, it is doubtful that they will become lovers of your music.

7. Establish A Strong Social Media Presence

Social media is instilled into the present culture. To such an extent that you might be genuinely duping yourself by not having a carefully crafted strategy to exploit the contact you can get with only a couple of posts. You can also use a music release strategy through your social media post.

Try not to restrict yourself to only one stage, either – it could be best to have accounts on the significant stages in general. While the facts confirm that specific individuals are Twitter-holics, those same people may despise Instagram with a passion … so on the off chance that your attention is on IG, you might be passing up on an incredible open door.

8. Make Use of All the Major Streaming Services

A certain something – and a significant one at that – which record organizations were required for in the past was large-scale distribution. In past days there were truly just two methods for have your music accessible: radio airplay and going to the local music store to purchase a record (that is ‘vinyl,’ incidentally), then, at that point, moving to cassette tapes, advancing further to CDs (compact discs).

The approach of streaming services has changed the game, and it has swung the pendulum for the artist. Streaming platforms are becoming more abundant continuously and having the option to utilize a digital format rather than an actual one has various angles to take advantage of. You can also learn mixing and mastering tips for streaming services online for the best results.

9. Collaborate with Established Music Bloggers and YouTubers

If the Internet and – specifically – social media have done anything, they have made it very simple to coordinate with others that have comparative likes and interests. There’s not an obvious explanation at all why that same approach can’t work when trying to promote your music release- a portion of the connections you might make, could have huge impacts on your profession.

Ordinarily, this sort of approach is a ‘do something for me, and I’ll return the favor kind of arrangement. Collaborations are a huge deal and fostering a relationship with somebody with a significant web-based character can pay off huge.

10. Find a Great Publicist or Digital Marketing Specialist

Sometimes it could be ideal to allow your wallet to communicate everything and recruit expert assistants to do the challenging work. A decent marketing expert or digital marketing specialist ought to have the savvy to manage your press presence and web-based media accounts alongside keeping your site checking its absolute best out.

What’s more, better believe it – it’s really simple to say ‘just hire someone without knowing what your financial position might be’. In any case, looking at this logically, it would unquestionably be cash all-around spent – having somebody to deal with that finish of your business is an extraordinary method for allowing you to zero in on the innovative finish of the game.


Toward the day’s end, to spread the word about yourself and your music for something other than your companions or the nearby neighbor that hears you playing constantly, then, at that point, you will unavoidably need to find ways to promote what you have to offer. And don’t forget to copyright your music. Given the circumstances, the center of your plan of action relies upon safeguarding your investment, and who knows – you might end up in a heavy load of cash from music royalties sometime later.

So, now you know how to release music and music release strategy. We hope your doubts regarding music release strategies are clear. Write in the comment how did you like this post? You can also pick the benefits of the press release for yourself.

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