Pitch Shifter: What Is It & How To Use It

Pitch shifter is sometimes thought of as a corrective tool or a dramatic production gimmick, but there are many more subtle ways to improve your mix with this technique. In this article, we will see what pitch shifters are, and how you can utilize them properly.


Pitch shifter is a sound recording digital technique, it is an audio modulating effect where you can raise or lower sound volume. You can use it in various music styles like electronic music and rock music.

In music, a pitch shifter is software that alters the vocal pitch shift of an instrument. Wondering what is pitch shift? Pitch shift is a technique used by musicians to alter the original pitch of a sound like raising or lowering it. To completely comprehend a pitch changer, we must first comprehend what it does. The waveform is altered. In other words, compressing or extending it from the sides.

Increasing or decreasing the frequency of occurrence. As a result, if the frequency is greater, the waveform will seem thinner (shorter). And if it has a lower frequency, it will be thicker (taller). You may modify the octave, semitone, cent, and formant to change the pitch. You may also change the pitch based on the current time. Know how to use it by our blog.

What is pitch shifting?

Pitch-shifting is process, analog or digital, that shifts notes arranged or naturally generated by an instrument.

Vocal pitch shifting

Vocals have become a common and accepted part of music-making, but it was not always that easy to accomplish. Before computers were able to change the pitch, the tape had to be manually accelerated or slowed down to change the pitch. Today, the effect is easy to generate and sounds better than ever with a voice pitch shifter. It is one of the best pitch shifters vocals.

Logic pitch shifter

Logic has three basic plug-ins committed to handling pitch, as well as the more powerful Flex Pitch feature, which provides melody-style pitch editing.

How To Utilize Pitch Shifters

You can use these four techniques to use pitch shifters.

1. Add Polish To Your Vocals

Combine Polish and Sheenby in a mixing bowl. Changing the Pitch of Your Vocals Try duplicating your main vocal into two other tracks. One of these should be pitched up an octave, while the other should be pitched down an octave. Place each of these new tracks in the same FX chain as your lead voice and pan them to the same spot in the mix (usually the center).

2. Make Your Snare Hefty

It is all about adding a body with a pitch-down double once more. If your snare sounds a touch thin, consider duplicating it into a separate track, pitching it down, and incorporating it into the mix softly. Pitch it down by a third, a fifth, an octave, or whatever works harmonically with the original snare.

3. Use Micro Pitch Shifters To Thicken Your Vocals

Micro pitch shifts are used to generate a broad chorus effect that thickens your vocal sound effectively. This is a tactic that has been employed on a slew of popular recordings in the past. Duplicate your main vocal into two new recordings and pan them all the way left and right. One of these should be pitched down by ten cents, while the other should be pitched up by ten cents.

4. Make Use Of Micro Pitch Shifters To Add Fuel To Your Mix

You may use the third-point method to other parts of your mix as well. Using the same technique on essential musical parts like synthesizers or guitars may give your mix more energy and body. You may build this effect manually as explained above, or you can utilize plug-ins to execute the same task more rapidly.

How Does Pitch Shifter Work

Pitch shifter works by changing and modifying the audio tone shifter. There are two main types, monophonic and polyphonic. The monophonic can only affect at a given time on one note. Polyphonic types can treat more notes, allowing you to play the entire chord at the desired shift pitch.

Most basic form you can do in pitch shifters is changing the speed of the recorded audio. Some of them work by producing only the sound that is changed.Other types, on the other hand, can generate a mix of the original and the manipulated signal and let you mix the two, so you can create the harmony you want.

Top 10 Pitch Shifter Plugins 2021

Best Online Pitch Shifter Plugins

1. DigiTech Whammy DT

Digitech’s threats by newcomers to the pitch-shifting market have been given a run for its money. The EHX’s POG and HOG technology took the grand prize of build quality, price point, and feature set, with a truly polyphonic pitch and octave shifting with less tone-sucking design quirks that attracted.

DigiTech Whammy DT

2. Electro-Harmonix Pitchfork

The EHX knocks it out of the park with a pitch fork: The tonal potential out of such a small box is enormous, especially considering the tracking accuracy and overall tonality of the shifts.

Electro Harmonix Pitchfork 1

3. Mooer Pitch Box

Mooer Pitch Box changes the pitch of any sound and mixes it back with the original signal which creates a rich harmonic sound. Pitch Shift: Outputs a precise polyphonic pitch shifting voice. Detune: This changes the pitch slightly and mixes it back in with the original signal to create a chorus-like effect, giving it a nice spacy feel.

Mooer Pitch

4. Hotone Skyline Harmony

Guitarists who are in search of a bargain pitch shifter pedal should seriously consider this compact Hotone device. It is smaller and more affordable than other pedals in its field, but this stompbox is very capable.

Hotone Skyline Harmony

5. Red Panda Tensor

Red Panda’s tensor has an eye-catching design, which will immediately catch your attention. This boutique manufacturer is known for its luxurious, unusual pedals, and the Tensor is no exception to that rule. It is one of the best pitch shift plugin.

Red Panda Tensor

6. TC Electronic Brainwaves

The Brainwaves by TC Electronic is recommended for any guitarist who wants access to all types of pitch modulation. This pedal has a pressure-sensitive footswitch, which allows you to precisely influence the pitch shifter effect it produces.

TC Electronic Brainwaves

7. Whammy Richochet

This pedal is a great option for guitarists who want to gain access to the revered whammy effect in more compact housing. It is easier to use than its bigger siblings, and therefore does not need much time to get accustomed to the pedals.

Whammy Richochet

8. Donner Harmonic Square

Donner’s Harmonic Square is one of the least expensive pitch shifter pedals on the market, that is why it is highly recommend it to musicians who want to invest some of their budget in other effects as well.

Donner Harmonic Square

9. Red Panda Particle V2

If you love playing dreamy chord sequences and are tired of using your chorus or reverb pedals to add texture to them, Particle V2 is the pedal for you. It turns the guitar signal into a fluid, momentary stream.

Red Panda Particle V2

10. EarthQuaker Devices Arpanoid V2

Because of the complex arpeggiator-style pitch shifting produced by this pedal, guitarists who like to incorporate electronic music elements into their repertoire will fall in love with it immediately!

EarthQuaker Devices Arpanoid V2


So, these are some of the best pitch shifters. Now you know what pitch shifters are and how to utilize them to make the best out of your music. As we know, maintaining pitch in any piece of music is a challenging task. That is why many musicians learn singing exercises to improve their vocal pitch. However, pitch shifters are considered as an important audio modulating effect where you can raise or lower sound volume. To make your music sound better, improve your mix with the help of these pitch shifters.

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