Top Streaming Platforms that pay you per stream for Original Musical Composition


Artists, labels, and consumers all over the world have accumulated data that can give a reasonably fair idea about how much you can make in royalties from your plays, regardless of whether the popular platforms or any other platform has an official pay per-stream rate as per streaming royalty calculator.

You may use this music streaming royalties calculator to figure out how much you’ll be paid for each stream on popular music streaming platforms.

How Much Per Stream?

A song’s rights holders must be compensated each time it is played on music streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music like the artists, record labels, composers, publishers, and so on.

These fees are known as royalties and are computed differently on each platform.

Factors that impact royalty payments

  • Whether the users are paid, subscribers
  • From which continent or region they are watching.
  • The amount of money spent on the keywords your song ranks for on YouTube also matters.

What Are Streaming Royalties?

According to the streaming royalties calculator, most streaming services utilize a platform-centric compensation mechanism like a fixed rate for all services. This usually amounts to 60-70 percent of their membership and music advertising revenues.

Each rights holder’s streaming share of music uses a royalty streaming calculator to determine how much royalty is to be paid out. An artist’s song streams are compared to the platform’s monthly total stream counts.

This comparison can be made between markets/countries, not only globally. Different labels have varied pricing arrangements. See the list:

1. Spotify’s Pay Per Second of Streaming

You get paid by Spotify depending on where the listeners are located and if they have a paid or free subscription to Spotify. The current average cost per stream for 2022 is $.00437 (source).

2. For a fee, you can listen to YouTube Music

A premium or free user’s subscription to YouTube affects the amount of money an artist receives from YouTube. This year’s average is $.00069 per stream. Go ahead and use the music streaming royalties calculator to complete the calculation.

3. How much Tidal pay artists?

When it comes to how much Tidal pays out to artists, it varies by region and whether the user is a paid or unpaid premium member. According to the music streaming royalties calculator, the current average for 2022 is $.0125 per stream.

4. Amount Paid to Artists and Labels by Apple Music for Each Stream

Paying artists on Apple Music is influenced by a variety of factors, including where their music is being played, the user’s subscription status, and whether or not they have purchased a subscription.

The average amount per stream this year is $.00735 as per the music streaming royalties calculator.

5. Musicians and artists earn a certain amount for each song played on SoundCloud

SoundCloud pays artists based on how much their music is played in that country or continent if a user is a premium or free user.

It costs about $.003275 a minute per stream on average in 2022. Take the help of music streaming royalties calculator to find out.

6. Per stream, how much does Amazon Music pay?

In order to pay out to artists, Amazon Music looks at where the plays are coming from and whether or not the listener has subscribed to the service’s premium or free tier.

For the year 2022, the average cost per stream is approximately $0.00402. Use the music streaming royalties calculator to calculate.

Now that your song is finished start to calculate streaming royalties finally with the help of this write-up.

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