Digital Marketing tips for musicians

Whether you’re dealing with tech reviews, music blogs, downloadable files, album reviews, artist interviews, festival submissions, promotional giveaways, or other aspects of the music industry, the internet works like crazy when it comes to sharing information, interacting with all your listeners, and branding yourself as a music artist. Digital marketing for artists is essential nowadays.


While there isn’t any “perfect” or you can say the best way to present your music on an online social media platform, there are a few basic do’s, don’ts, and pointers you must follow if you’re a rapper, DJ, singer, or any other type of other musicians.

These must follow basics will surely help you get your music to a very large audience online on all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

How to Get Started?

  • Define Your Audience

Your audience is your regular listeners who always listen to your new songs and promote in every way they can. So, you need to define your audience by using different Marketing Tips for artists and be in connect with regularly through social media.

  • Do not leave your old fans while trying to make new fans

You have keep engaging with all your fans, stay connected with everyone. Make a long term related to all your fans.

  • Analyze the Market

In music industry circles, you must understand the market. You have to understand the working of trends and the music industry and what makes you different. And, analyzing the market and studding different Marketing Tips for artists will also help you to make a music marketing plan.

  • Establish Your Long-Term and Short-Term Goals

After releasing a new song, album or EP, you should write an action plan to promote your songs and decide on a long term or a short-term goal regarding that song.

  • Determine Your Marketing Strategies

Once you decide your music release end term goals, you have to select the best marketing strategies to promote your brand and music.

  • Set a Budget for Your Music Promotion

For every song release, an artist should set a promotion budget.

Useful Music Marketing tips for artists

Create a Music Website

create a music website 1

A music website is very important for an artist and its growth as an artist and its brand development. Having an official website gives you a very professional approach to your clients to get gigs and brand endorsement. The website helps you sell your merchandise, show tickets, and easily connect to your audience. Nowadays, building a website is so easy. Any artist can build his website via or WordPress easily. There are workable and useful WordPress plugins for music website, a musician can use to make his/her website.

Share Your Music on Digital Platforms

Share your music

With the rise of many audio streaming platforms, it’s become easier to reach your music audience and fans. Music streaming platforms helped many artists to share their music with significant people. Some of the most popular music streaming platforms are Apple Music, Tidal, SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, Amazon Prime Music, etc. These music streaming platforms make everything smooth to upload music albums, EPs, share songs, and connect to a large audience and listeners.

Use social media for Music Promotion

music promotion on social media

With half of the world’s population is on social media platforms and networks, how to market yourself as an artist on social media to promote your songs to millions of people seems to be a big issue. So , you need to get knowledge about different Marketing Tips for artists. Social media promotions are one of the most prominent and effective music marketing strategies, a musician should consider promoting songs into the masses. It helps you promote your music to a huge audience base and make your track go viral on multiple platforms! With an appropriate social media strategy for a musician, you can leverage your creations to masses.

But how to create a viral video relating to your niche for social media platforms? People always love inspiring and funny content, which they also eagerly share with their friends and family. They mainly like attractive video content, which, in your case, it is advantageous. A well-made video for social media platforms using your track can attract a lot of attention and gather a huge audience.

Contact Social Media Influencers

contact social media influencers

Influencer marketing for artists is a new but rapidly growing and effective branch of music marketing that is social media marketing for artists has true potential as it can help to make songs viral. So, are you looking for influencer marketing tips for artists, who is a social media influencer?

A social media influencer has many followers and loyal fans on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. They can be vloggers, bloggers, public figures, or famous Bollywood/Hollywood stars and YouTubers. Depending on the industry and niche, social media platforms are decided to create a buzz around any music release. Instagram marketing for artists can be another way to create a buzz across the world of your new creation. For influence marketing of your music, you need to find relevant social media influencers according to your music type, whether song release or album release and contact them for music collaboration. Trying to get the response and attention of influencers can be hard on the first try. Start with smaller social media influencers and gradually move to larger social media influencers as your following grows on every platform.

Regular Email broadcast Newsletter to Your Contacts

email broadcast newsletter

One of the major advantages of having an official music website is that you can collect the contacts of your audience and fans. This can be the best digital Marketing Tip for artists. So, if you have some good and faithful subscribers who are always willing to connect with you through email, send out regular email newsletters and keep your audience updated with your upcoming releases and shows.

When you have your all-contact list, you can connect with your contacts easily via mail. When your new song and album are released, notify them via mail about your next live show or send out more details of your upcoming gigs and tour. You can share news and tour dates and images, tracks, and videos via email.

You can use multiple different graphic design templates to create attractive and engaging visuals for your newsletters to announce your tour or release dates and other exciting news.

Promote Your Music via Paid Advertising

promote music vial paid advertising

If you have made your website already then having appropriate leads can be a little challenge. Artists struggle for leads and organic traffic on their music website? There are many marketing agencies who particularly caters to music domain and help musicians and artists establish their brand on web. Apart from that in recent years, social media posts saw a major rapid decline in organic reach and engagement. Consider using paid music advertising to boost your main artist marketing efforts and have more reach and engagement. Some of the best ways for you are Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads, and YouTube Ads. Via YouTube ads, you can boost millions of views on your music easily. Nowadays, many artist use YouTube ads to gain maximum engagement.

Sign up to Live Streaming Platforms

sign up on live streaming platforms

Nowadays, going live is the best way to gain exposure if you are an artist. You have a great opportunity to share live music videos on social media platforms right from your bedroom or garage. Build a super active fan base and regular listeners by interacting with your audience in real-time live video. Discuss with your audience like what would they like to hear from you and perform live virtual concerts from time to time regularly.

There are different ways to go live on social media apps — you can try on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube Live. And suppose these all-social media platforms don’t properly work for you. In that case, there is a diverse selection of other live streaming applications like Twitch, You Now, Concert Window, Stage It, etc.; virtual Live streams are a great way to increase reach of your music. Virtual marketing efforts build a reliable connection with your listeners and make them your fans.

Record Music Podcasts

record music podcasts

Podcasts are another effective marketing strategy for artists online to a large audience. By doing regular podcasts, you have two major options: start your own virtual podcast or get featured in someone else’s podcast show.

SoundCloud is one of the most incredible and smooth streaming services for hosting virtual podcasts. Record your all episodes, upload them to your SoundCloud feed, and share your podcasts regularly on the social media platforms where you have a really large following. You can also directly embed your virtual podcasts on your official website.

Optimize Your Presence on YouTube

optimize YouTube presence

When we think about major video-sharing apps and web platforms, YouTube comes to our minds immediately. YouTube is considered the 2nd world largest video search engine after Google. If you want to upload music on YouTube, create a YouTube channel for your music videos and optimize it properly for better search and SEO results.

What kind of YouTube videos should you share on your channel? There are countless creative and innovative YouTube video ideas that you can regularly use as a musician, DJ, including lyric videos, music covers, singing lessons, etc. Know all about how YouTube Optimization for musician is done.

Also, don’t forget about creating the best music visuals as they allow and encourage you to post your songs and engage music visuals to provide the best listening experience to your audience and fans. Adding a custom-made thumbnail and artwork on your video and organizing your music videos in your YouTube playlists can further assist in creating an engaging YouTube channel. It will then consistently bring more viewers and new fans who will subscribe to your channel.

Create Your Merchandise

create your merchandise

Do you need more income to finance your music recordings and live shows? Having your exclusive merchandise can be an excellent way for affiliate marketing for artists. First, you need to create a unique music brand that feels genuine and authentic to you. Creating a music logo for your brand is a great place to start this if you don’t have one already.

What kind of music merch do you want to offer for your audience? Choose between digital and physical ones. This may include signed music albums and posters, vinyl versions of your album, stickers, phone cases, online lyric books, music lessons videos, t-shirts, and notebooks.

Reach Out to Music Bloggers

reach out to music bloggers

Reaching out to multiple music bloggers will help you create great buzz around your new album or song release. By doing these, many people look for your new release from different music blogs and websites. To get direct access to that audience, contact bloggers via mail on Instagram that you’d like to work with. And try to get featured in their music blog posts. For that, you need to have a proper outreach strategy for your pitching. First, find all the significant music bloggers and blogs. This might take some time, but it will save your time to get a list of top music blogs online.

Once you find relevant music bloggers and try to build good relationships with them. This is the most essential part of social media marketing for musicians. For marketing yourself as an artist, you need to prepare an excellent stellar pitch for your music. Include prominent information about your work and music, the song genre, what makes it different and unique from others, and send your music video to blogs, if available.

Find Musicians to Collaborate With

collaborate with other musicians

Musicians have used this marketing strategy for a very long time to build their brand. Among the most famous music collabs are Eddie Van Halen and “Beat It” by Michael Jackson, “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith and Run-D.M.C., “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by Eric Clapton and The Beatles, and many more.

If your collaborations are not to be this grand for now, they still can give amazing results. When it comes to music partnership, you can collaborate with great artists currently on the same music level as you are. Getting in touch with music producers on the same level would be easier, especially when aggressively building your music audience. However, contacting more prominent and famous artists will be a lot more effective and best in boosting your career.

Upcoming Tours and Gigs on Different social media Platforms

Upcoming Tours and Gigs on Different social media Platforms

Music platforms like Instagram, Spotify, etc. help music lovers discover live concerts, shows in their cities or keep them updated on their favourite artist’s new releases. So, when you intend to have a live show or multiple gigs, sign up to a similar platform to promote your show and share your event with your potential audience and fans.

Crowdfunding for Musicians

crowdfunding for musicians

Crowdfunding is a fantastic way for musicians and DJs to raise funds for their upcoming song, album, project, or music video. The collected budget solely depends on the loyal audience and supporters and their willingness to support their favorite musicians.

Luckily, there are many high-end tools for successful crowdfunding programs. Some of their works in specific niches can be effective for various goals and end results. Some of the best-known crowdfunding platforms are Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Wrap up

These are some of the best marketing tips for artists on how to promote an artist on social media. Every musician must follow these basics to build their brand and showcase their art to a large audience. 

Check out our another blog on how to make internet marketing strategies for musicians and get a knack of marketing.

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