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Different Ways to Learn Music Production Online for Free.


Music production is the process of creating, developing, and refining recorded music for audience presentation. Music production refers to the entire lifecycle of a piece of making music from raw to mastered version —from songwriting, composition to recording, and sound design to mixing and mastering of the song. If you are searching to learn music production online for free but are unsure where to start the course, we have compiled some best ways to point you in the right direction.


Bring your musical ideas to life with free online music production courses:


With a broad range of courses from Unlocking the Emotional Power of Chords to Modern & new Advanced Mix Techniques, Soundfly stand out for the depth and quality of its learning study materials. They are also known for its unique mentorship model.

While they offer free access to online music production online courses, investment in one of their Mentored Courses will help you gain knowledge, connect you with friendly coaches and a guide through the topics you have enrolled for. It also gives you leverage to share feedback, and the coaches let you know areas of improvisation on your work by setting up achievable goals customized as per the courses you have chosen. Their headliners top programs may be their most unique and best offering, allowing students to strategize own learning experience to reach their creative goals in the timeline.


Student has no longer need to travel to the Boston music school to take Berklee classes. In collaboration with edX, Berklee College of Music offers various online music production course in different music production DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with content in multiple languages and subjects’ areas online for free to all students, including Creativity and Entrepreneurship programs, Vocal Recording Technology, and Music for Wellness. Edberklee also provides music production degree online after completion of the course.

As is the case with other edX partners, students get an option to earn a Verified Certificate for $49.

3. LessonFace

The most important part about LessonFace in online music production is the ability to meet virtually and in real-time with the best music educators worldwide. Students can select from a range of highly educated instructor profiles matched by LessonFace staff and learn vast areas of study span across genre traditions and instruments.

4. Busy Works Beats

Busy Work Beats is famous for its unusual (to a formally trained musician), and accessible approach to fundamental music theory using numbers to represent semitones. He has uploaded many online music production courses from the basics of music production to the advance levels of music production.

Cutting through Eurocentric traditions to Fastrack, modern producers are into an empowered, informed understanding of music theory used for music creation. There are many free online music production courses available online, you get an access to take music production classes online and learn from comfort of your zone. Busy Work Beats is a major choice for a non-traditional music learner to learn electronic music production course online free and skip what they don’t.

Learn Piano Resources:

While no doubt having an awesome traditional teacher can help you to learn piano, but the significant fact is that you can also teach yourself how to play piano/keyboard very effectively with the different online piano lesson courses. You can do it with or without the involvement of any traditional piano/keyboard teacher.

Here are some best websites from where you can learn piano online from the best instructors:

5. Zebra Keys:

Zebra Keys is an awesome site that gives interactive lessons for piano beginner students and exercises for new players to practice.

6. Piano Nanny:

A major resource for pianists to learn of any skill, Piano Nanny has many useful lessons that are easy to understand and fun to read.

7. Musician’s Way:

With some excellent tools to help you get organized, Musician’s way gives access to download practice schedules, goals, and log sheets to help motivate yourself.

8. Learn Jazz Piano:

A website focused on teaching jazz piano lessons, Learn Jazz Piano offers great helpful articles, blogs, resources, and a forum for questions.

9. Musicnotes:

Play and find sheet music from hundreds of popular songs and pieces for free with Musicnotes. In this way, students can learn music theory in depth.

10. Simply Piano:

If any student wants to learn basics step-by-step from scratch? Simply Piano, the awesome latest app by JoyTunes, is a fun and easy way to learn piano.

Let us take you through important resources for learning Guitar, Violin, and Drums and free music production online:

11. Free Drum Lessons:

For aspirant drummers, who are looking to expand their repertoire and skillset, Free Drum Lessons offers great courses and knowledge.

12. Virtual Drumming:

If you want to learn drums, but cannot afford drums, try out this site on your PC. This website provides virtual drumming sessions.

13. Ultimate Guitar:

Ultimate Guitar designed to help you discover, awesome Guitar gives a massive library of guitar and other instrument-related chords and learning tools.

14. Justin Guitar:

Created by popular YouTube instructor and faculty Justin Sandercoe, the site collects all his study tutorials and other great resources. Students can learn guitar directly from those tutorials from website.

15. Violin Lab:

Violin Lab features many useful lessons for violinists of all major skill levels if you are a more classically oriented artist.

These are some of the best ways to learn music online in prevailing lockdown situation. Anyone from anywhere can learn music production online. From written pdf courses to video tutorials, there are many websites that are providing music production courses for free. Not only making music, but musician should also learn to market and amplify their work on different social media platforms.

Also, learn basics of FL studio for music production.

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