How to Grow Email List with Social Media to Benefit Your Business?

In the past decade, Digital marketing has become a viral component in the marketing strategy of every organization. Its main advantage is that you can reach your targeted audience in a cost-effective and measurable way.  


One of the components of digital marketing which is becoming popular nowadays is email marketing. Email marketing is when you send a commercial to the people who are in your email list and make them aware of your brand, product or service. Email list is a list of email addresses that businesses have gathered from customers or visitors who would like to receive updates and other details about your business in a digital format that is sent in the form of email.  

Not only for businesses, email marketing is also important for young artists or musicians as they can increase their audience globally. Building an email list should be a key pillar of your marketing strategy and is used to inform, drive sales, and build a community around your brand. The primary focus should be on growing your email list for better engagement.  


Wondering how to grow email list? Here are some simple ways to build email lists:  

1. Ask for permission:

 Nobody likes to receive unnecessary emails. The first step in building a healthy connection through email lists is to get your customers’ permission before mailing them. After getting permission, introduce them to your new offers, discounts or anything special to your business in a fascinating manner.   

By doing so, you will get to know your target audience. If you email people randomly then people may find it annoying, or you may be considered spam which is not good for your reputation at all.  

2. Email sending frequency:

 Sending one to two bulk mails in a week is appropriate for most merchants and especially when you have just started reaching out through mail. Sending mail very often will drastically lower engagement levels without driving more sales. To grow email list, you need to strategically plan your email schedule according to the taste of your customers in order to get more engagement.  

Many customers unsubscribe because of too many emails in a day. Make sure your offers are interesting and easy for people to take advantage of.  

3. Mobile-friendly: 

Nowadays, everyone has signed up for their email accounts on their mobile phones. It is a common way of reading emails now. To grow email list, one of the things you should keep in mind is that it should be easily viewable on mobile devices. The measurement of the email you send out should be made in a way that is clearly visible on mobile screens. 

Do the same thing to your landing page. Don’t disappoint your customers with your links. Make sure to provide easily clickable links and can be viewed on mobile phone too.  

4. Grow email list with social media:

One of the best ways to start an email list is with social media.  On social media, lots of people are fully focused on increasing followers rather than growing email lists. Your goal should be converting your followers on social media into a loyal customer. Otherwise, you may lose people if something happened to your social media account.   

Social media can benefit you a lot in growing email list if used in an appropriate way. It’s all about the right techniques and strategies to make it true.  

How to grow your email list with social media? 

There are many ways that you can leverage social media marketing to pump up your email list. Many popular music artists and influencers use social media marketing to build email lists and reach people globally. Want to know some of them? Let’s get crackin’.  

How to grow your email list using Facebook? 

Facebook logo
  • Cover photoOn Facebook, your cover photo is right at the top of your business page. It gathers the attention of your audience. You can use a cover photo image that calls out your email newsletter for building email list with Facebook.  
  • Facebook call to action button: The call-to-action button of Facebook appears above the “like” and “message” buttons under your cover photo. It is an amazing idea to encourage email sign-ups.  
Grow Your Email List with Facebook
  • Promote text-to-join: A lot of users use mobile phones to access Facebook. While they are on their mobile phones already, you can also send a quick message about how can they join your email list and what benefits they will get after subscribing.  
  • Facebook ad: Be selective and promote posts that drive sales or related to your business. Make sure you take advantage of Facebook ads to grow your email list by targeting the right audience.  
  • Share your newsletters: The best way to persuade the audience is to show what your mailings actually look like. Be sure to customize the caption and add a link to your sign-up page to encourage people to subscribe to your newsletters.  

If you want Facebook to make profit for your business, then make sure you are giving additional ways to connect with you through email marketing. Pick any of these tips and try them out for your business today! 

How to grow your email list with Instagram? 

instagram logo

As we all know, Instagram is on the rise nowadays. It is a social media powerhouse that benefits both small and large businesses by providing many ways to engage their target audience. Here’s how you can use Instagram to build email lists:  

  • Use your bio: Instagram bio is the first thing that a user reads while visiting your profile. So, make sure to provide a sign-up link in bio and encourage them to connect with you on other platforms too.  
  • Instagram stories: Instagram story is one of the best ways to grow email lists. You can provide a link to your email sign-up landing page by using a swipe up feature right into your Instagram stories.  
  • Tell about the benefits of email list: While people follow your brand on Instagram, they are interested in learning more about you. But people who don’t follow your profile need to know the benefits of connecting with you. So, don’t forget to post about the benefits of being on your mailing list to engage a larger audience.  
email list
  • Include CTA: Telling your followers about the mailing list is not enough. You also need to tell them what to do next by writing a compelling Instagram bio. Check out the example below to understand better: 
  • Run a contest: There is no better way to boost engagement than running an Instagram contest like giveaway. People love free stuff and for that they would love to participate. Instead of asking them to like and comment on the contest photo, you can change the requirements to ask them to join your list of email addresses i.e., mailing list.  

How to grow your email list with LinkedIn? 

grow your email list 1

The main purpose of LinkedIn is connecting, not marketing. One wrong step and you could lose a valuable connection. So, use your strategies of building email lists wisely on LinkedIn.  

Take a look at some of them: 

  • Spruce up your profile: When you send a connection request on LinkedIn, they are likely to check your profile. So, make sure you make them stay by working on every aspect of your business profile to make it professional. Use professional headshot and add relevant links to sign up your mailing lists. Ideally, your profile should be an accurate reflection of your brand or what you do.  
  • Offer a giveaway: From students to professionals, everyone loves free stuff. In addition to providing a link to sign up for your mailing list, you can also provide a free e-book or course. But it should be well researched and useful for them. As I told you before, one wrong step and you could lose a valuable connection on LinkedIn.  
  • Join LinkedIn groupsIt is a useful way to find more leads. Groups are useful as they are already interested in a specific topic, so you can directly provide links to join your mailing lists. You can also make your own group to find like-minded individuals on LinkedIn.   
  • Avoid spamming: Spamming your connections with sales messages can be annoying and detrimental to your reputation. Your goal should be to find like-minded individuals and not only to build email lists. Focus on sharing useful information and engaging content with the people who are really interested.  
  • Create visual content: Most people scroll through social media on their breaks. So, make sure to use visual content to attract more potential connections. You can use images, gifs or videos to show your newsletters. It will attract people and they will consider signing up to your mailing list.  

Wrapping up  

Email marketing is a feasible way to connect with your target audience. Therefore, growing your email list is not a one-time process. It takes time and patience.  

With the right strategies and steady efforts, you can encourage your targeted audience to sign up your mailing list and boost your email ROI.  

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