How to Build a Fanbase from Scratch? 5 Ways to Get More Fans Through Show.co

Ways to Get More Fans Through Show.co

As we know, you need true fans to build a sustainable music career. There are dozens of ways to get more fans but the best one is to find the right balance of tactics that works best with your musical career strategy. Create an emotional connection to get a fanbase that will be with you always. You might be thinking how to promote music. One of its ways is Show.com. Turn your casual fans into email subscribers, Spotify followers and many more with the help of this platform. 

All CD Baby artists have free access to Show.co, which is a collection of innovative music marketing tools that will assist you in growing your fan base. Wondering how to build a fanbase from scratch? So, we are here with a complete guide on how to optimize Show.co for your music marketing! Below are the examples of how you can use Show.co’s tools to get a strong fanbase. These are just ideas, but there are endless possibilities if you think it your way. Let’s get started. 

5 Wasy to Get More Fans through Show.com 


1. Provide Your Fans with Compelling Reasons to Follow You 

It never hurts to get more fans by asking people to follow you on social media platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and other sites. However, it might get tedious after a while.  Instead, why not provide individuals with a compelling reason to follow you on social media? This is a motivator!  

If you guarantee your fans of music that they will surely get a video autograph if they follow you on Spotify and provide their mailing addresses, they will be more likely to do so. You will be able to connect with your audience on a more personal level in future endeavours as a result of this. Your followers will show a rapid increase in number. 

2. Organizing A Giveaway 

 Wondering how to get a fanbase? Your fans create a buzz. As we all know, contests are entertaining. And you don’t even have to give up a large sum of money. People are just enthralled by the prospect of winning something for nothing. So why not hold a fun contest in support of your work to get more fans? Distribute apparel, CDs, or anything else that seems like it reflects your brand.  

Using Show.co to host your contest has the added benefit of allowing for the collection of many email addresses, which makes it much easier to administer your contest. When someone submits their email address or adds your music to their Spotify playlist, Show.co will compile a list of all the people who did so. Then you may download the list and use a random number generator to choose a winner from among the participants. It’s a fast and simple process. 

3. Encourage People to Download Your Pre-Release Singles 

 Have you ever heard of anything called a Spotify Pre-Save? It’s a terrific technique to generate excitement before your next release, and it’s used by hundreds of artists. It’s a one-page website that allows your fans to save your music to their Spotify accounts before it’s published publicly. This is a perfect example of how to use Spotify for song marketing.  

A high stream count on the first day of release for your newest song or album on Spotify might be an indication of future success since it indicates to Spotify that your music may be worth sharing with their users through the following methods: 

  • Playlists generated by an algorithm 
  • Subscribers will get email alerts from you 
  • Spotify’s official playlists are available 

4. Run ads on big music platforms 

Show.co enables musicians to run ads on Rollingstone, Pitchfork, and many other high DA websites. This is an excellent tool to gain exposure. Your goal will determine your campaign objective. You need to know your purpose. Do you want many followers on your socials? Are you promoting a live stream, music video, or merch sales? Do you have a new single/album coming out and driving more visitors to the fan link? You can run ads according to that. 

Get more fans, boost your streams, sell concert tickets, and move forward in your musical journey with affordable audio ads that connect you with active listeners on renowned music platforms like Spotify and iHeart Radio. Show.co’s Ad Builder tool makes it simple to create and launch audio ads where people are already engaging with music. 

5. Get an Audience Builder 

To build a fanbase, get an audience builder on Show.co. Gain followers on social platforms, Spotify, YouTube, grow your email list, and more by placing a “gate” in front of almost anything on the web. Reward your fans and grow your audience at the same time. It is one of the best ways to get a strong fanbase in a limited period of time.  

Get more fans and a strong fanbase by featuring your newest YouTube video on a page where you control the experience. Show.co enables users to boost view count and grow their social and Spotify followings, email list, and more. It will increase your visibility online and after some time you can also get verified on Google. Isn’t it amazing?  


Growing your fanbase correctly takes time. 

Be patient, take time in everything you put out into the world, and focus on getting better daily with your art. This is what gets the growth you’re looking for. Consistent efforts are the key. Set your daily targets and follow them earnestly to get desired results. The most potent mindset you could have been that you don’t need to change the world in one day. Many artists and musicians try and get 300% better in one day, stress out because it’s not going their way, and then end up burning out. Be patient and think about each step. It will build your confidence, and you will always be on the right track. 

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