Guide for 2023: How to Pitch Music in a Compelling Way to Blogs & Magazines?

Ready to release your song? Want to build a loyal fanbase? The answer to these questions is to pitch your music correctly. You might be wondering how to pitch music in an exciting way to blogs and magazines? Then, you have landed at the right place.


Nowadays, it’s not an easy job to get the media’s attention. Before reaching out to the press, you need to know some overlooked tips for a compelling pitch. Media professionals receive many emails every day; you need to adopt strategies to make your impression count. This guide to pitch music correctly will help you a lot. If any blogger accepts your request to write about you, you must mention some vital information on your website and social media accounts. As we know, famous bloggers are over-blown with many music artists. If they don’t get the relevant information in less time, they will move on to the next.

Wondering how to pitch your music to blogs? To pitch your music to blogs and to increase your probability of being covered, you should make sure to have the following information –

Contact info with an email address

Your biodata

Social media accounts

Links to streaming music platforms like Spotify or SoundCloud

Your cover art on a single or an album

High-resolution photos of any concert or show

Let’s discuss other ways in detail.

Pitching for Musicians


Before you reach out to your media contact, you need to make sure you have a few things in place to help make a solid first impression. If you want to get a good music PR, you need to do some essential things before. Don’t copy and paste from other websites, be personal when pitching to the music press. It would help if you learned how to pitch your music to blogs, tell your story, and present yourself excitingly and interestingly. Ready to know some of the interesting ways to pitch music? Here we go  

1. Create an Engaging Press Kit  

If you wonder how to pitch your music to blogs, then an engaging press kit will pave the way to reach out to famous bloggers. A press kit is a collection of materials for reporters and publications to promote an artist. Most artists prepare checklists of publications, copy and paste their bios, add links to their music, and their press kit is done. This is the most common approach. Let me tell you, this is not an excellent plan to pitch music. Instead, you need to know what’s in an artist press kit of a successful musician. Nowadays, digital press kits are on trend and are an effortless way to reach out to the media. So, the essentials for an engaging e-commerce press kit are as follows:  

  • Bio: This is an excellent way to introduce yourself to any promoter. You can add a few sentences that talk about you. You can look at the music single press release example of DJ Travis.   
Dj travis
  • Promotional photos: You can add some of the downloadable images of your concert or show. It is good to include horizontal or vertical images in terms of sizing.   
  • Music links: To pitch music, you can add some links to your popular tracks. Also, you can add links to the music streaming platforms.  
  • Reviews: You can add some of your favorite reviews. Try to add short reviews; you need to give a sense of yourself.  
  • Achievements: You can add examples of musical achievements like any awards you’ve won or success on streaming platforms or YouTube.  
  • Social media links: Your press kit is the hub of your music; make sure to include links to your social media accounts.  
  • Contact information: This is the most important thing to be included in your EPK. To know more about you, online music publications will look for it.   

2. Start Small and Climb the Ladder   

Every musician’s dream is to get their songs in famous magazines and blogs. And while a big goal like that is a beautiful thing to strive for, it may not be the best place to start. For a successful music career, try to avoid the mindset of “big breaks” and instead focus on building success one step at a time.   

3. Relevance is Important  

Many recording artists want to use songs they can personally connect to – both musically and lyrically. In simple words, a classical singer would not want to record a rap about something or a country song about rising on a farm in Montana. It is best to read music articles in magazines and blogs on the internet with that in mind. Do your research, get to know the musical style of whoever you want to pitch your music, become familiar with his list of recordings, read interviews, and check out his biography to see if you have any songs that might be a good fit.  

4. Do your Research and Write your Story  

Before pitching any music, you should spend your time planning and researching the blogs and media outlets you will send your talk to. Don’t just bombard emails to every famous blogger or reporter. You need to do your research and start planning accordingly. Once you have got all the information you need, you can prepare a checklist.  

Avoid using generic or common descriptors such as “melodious,” “unique,” or other vague terms – find terms that describe the feeling. Readers should know how listeners will feel when they hear your music. Would it make them want to sing along? Would they like to go for an energetic workout because of the high impact? Will it make them dance?   

5. Make Your Pitch Personal  

Reaching out is important but how you are doing it is more important. You need to write an appealing song pitch to any blogger or reporter. Here is the format that you can use to pitch your music compellingly. Check out one of the song pitch examples given below. 

img src=”/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Letter.jpg” alt=”email example to pitch” loading=”lazy” />

6. Make sure your Story is Newsworthy

If you want someone to cover your story, or to submit press releases online, it’s worth asking yourself these two questions before thinking about presenting it in the media:

Is my story newsworthy?

Is my news generating interest?

If it’s not, it might be worth waiting until you have something that’s new. Otherwise, or you may make a bad first impression with the media contacts and whom you are pitching to the music press.

By following these 6 ways, you might find yourself a perfect blog or magazine.

After having a list of bloggers who are interested in your story, you need to be ready to start pitching. As we know that there are many benefits of the press release for a musician. You can also pitch a leading news website or magazine for the same. The simplest way to determine how to pitch to an outlet would be to follow the submission guidelines on the website. Everyone will have different submission guidelines, but you need to create a list of guidelines to determine the commonalities. Once you begin pitching, you can make a few small tweaks and some rearranging to follow the guidelines of any outlet.

When are You Most Likely to Contact Press and News Publication?

Maybe when you’re releasing a new album or preparing to pitch music. You know that, right? But there are other reasons too than the usual pitching and album-launch promotional push to get press and blog coverage for your music.

Your wannabe fan would probably have to hear your name at least somewhere before saying to themselves, “Hey, maybe I should watch their music.” If so, you need to make the most of these press opportunities.

If you start with a few of these before your next album, you could have a whole new audience when your latest piece is ready to be released!


Accessing the media is not as complicated, difficult, or intimidating as you might think. It can be as simple as sharing information you know will be valued by a coworker.

Know your target publication, their authors, and readers consider important news, and go ahead and create precious content for them. Next, initiate a personal conversation with your potential journalist and make your pitch. Well, hopefully, that gives you some of the latest news publications’ ideas. You can drop some of them in the comments section below.

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